Polar Blast Hits Australian Alps; They Said… + Prepare For Less

Polar Blast Hits Australian Alps

Thermometers in Eastern Australia took a further step down Thursday, with the Aussie Alps posting freezing lows.

The combination of extremely dry and cold air, clear skies, and light winds overnight caused temperatures to plummet across the Australian Alps and surrounding areas.

Temperatures in the highland areas of both Victoria and New South Wales sank below -8C (17.6F), marking some of the lowest readings in years.

Mount Hotham hit a frigid -8.3C (17.1F), the lowest temperature recorded in the state of Victoria for six years. While in New South Wales, Khancoban equaled its lowest temperature in six years with a nippy -3.8C (25.2F).

Other notable minimum temperatures on Thursday included the -9C (15.8F) at Thredbo Village, the -8.9C (16F) at Cooma Airport, the -8.1C (17.4F) at Perisher Valley, the -4.5C (23.9F) at Falls Creek, and the -4.4C (24.1F) at Omeo

Despite it being too dry for natural snow, the frigid conditions created the perfect setup for snowmaking.

“With the Winter Solstice almost upon us, we’re feeling the full brunt of winter’s cold, enabling our snowmaking crews to excel in their operations,” said John Palmer, Falls Creek Ski Lift Company Mountain Operations Manager.

The Australian Alps are forecast natural snow now through Saturday as lingering polar air combines with incoming moisture.

The benchmarks continued to fall at lower elevations and all Thursday, both monthly and even all-time records. I’ve listed a handful below.

Smithton, Tasmania

Temperature: -4.5C (-40.1F)

Record: 0.3C below 1982 all-time record / 0.6C below 2015 June record

Period of Record (POR): 61 years


Temperature: -4C (24.8F)

Record: Ties 2007 June record

POR: 49 years

Viewbank, Victoria

Temperature: -1.9C (28.58F)

Record: 0.6C below 2013 June record

POR: Since 2013


Temperature: -6.4C (20.48F)

Record: 0.1C below 2016 record

Strahan, Tasmania

Temperature: -2.9C (26.78F)

Record: Just 0.1C above all-time record

POR: 52 years

They Said…

They said European glaciers would vanish.

Below is comparison of France’s Mont Buet (June 14, 2009 vs June 16, 2024):

Six years ago this week, they said we only have five years left to save the planet.

Needless to say, Earth is coping just fine.

They said the polar bears would die, they’ve thriving. They said the Arctic would melt away, it’s expanding. They said the Great Barrier Reef would bleach into nothingness, it is breaking records. All of it, either exaggerations, obfuscations or outright lies.

Yet there are grown adults who still believe warmth = bad:

Prepare For Less

The AGW Party is an arm of the wider globalist movement, where money and power are removed from public hands and funneled up to a select, self-anointed few.

The propaganda is everywhere you turn, conditioning us for a future of less.

From Dutch news this week, “The Netherlands will have to get rid of the idea that electricity is available to everyone at all times”:

Every geopolitical play is the advancement of this endeavor.

In 2014, Ukraine faced a financial crisis and received two loan offers:

1) The World Bank (IMF): $15 billion with conditions:

a) End the ban on private sector land ownership.

b) Reduce pensions and fuel subsidies.

2) Russia: $15 billion without austerity and privatization requirements, just standard interest.

Then Ukrainian President Yanukovych opted for Russia’s offer. This angered Washington, who in response supported a coup that led to Yanukovych’s ousting.

The new puppet regime put in place immediately accepted the IMF loan, agreeing to the conditions of austerity and privatization. As a result, multinational consortia, including those with US capital, have acquired one-third of Ukraine’s farmland.

Such predatory ploys by the wealthy West are increasing.

Financial powers provide loans with high-interest rates, which leads to borrowers accumulating debt. When borrowers cannot repay these loans, they have to transfer real assets (like land or property) to the lenders, often based in Western countries.

It is financial warfare, aided by manufactured crises.

From the ‘climate crisis’, to the proxy war in Ukraine, to the COVID pandemic, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, this wealth transfer is clear and well-documented.

Thank you for your continued support.

I’ll be back Monday, as always.


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