More Than 1,000 New Coal Power Plants Are Being Built–The Majority In China

In total, there are 1,039 new coal fired power plants currently in the works, that’s either ‘under construction’, ‘permitted’ or ‘announced’. The vast majority are located in Asia, namely China, with almost all in the developing world.

According to data courtesy of, this is the global picture:

1,039 new coal-fired power plants are currently being built.

Zooming in, the scale of the ‘Earth-raping’ development is immense:

Southern Africa, too, is outright ‘murdering baby penguins‘:

And by comparison, here’s Europe and North America, the ‘good guys’ — no cheap and reliable energy on the way here:

Curiously though, ‘climate protests’ are not being staged in the majority of those polluting countries, or even on behalf of those countries:

Global ‘climate protest tracker’ []

Alarmists aren’t keen on logic and facts, it would appear, in all seriousness. These paint-tossers lose the collective plot over UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak allowing Brits to extend their use of gas boilers for another few years, before the mandation of heat pumps, but have zero qualms, or likely even any knowledge, of Asia building 1,000 new coal power plants.

As demonstrated above, the west have lost their damn minds.

But this stupidity isn’t organic, it has been intentionally bred.

Western citizens and, in turn, their hamstrung/corrupted politicians (or is it the other way round?) have been instructed by The Establishment to demonize prosperity (i.e. capitalism and CO2). Developing nations, on the other hand, are permitted to enjoy the benefits of coal, oil and gas because… well… they’re poor? But it is then left to the west to pay for the east’s sins, to pick up the slack for China’s economic growth via an undemocratic relinquishing of their own access to cheap and reliable energy, which, in turn, has already inherited poverty-induced misery on future generations.

This is war.

I have been convinced.

China has infiltrated western politics to such an extent that they can now effectively order the likes of the UK and US to scupper their economic growth while ten-folding their own. And this is allowed/swept under the rug! What are the alarmists thinking? As per their own doctrine, China’s endeavors are still ringing about the end of the world, for China is part of planet Earth, and no matter how many gas boilers the UK rips out and replaces with new fairy-unicorn-dust-powered heating systems, this–shown below–remains the inconvenient truth:

Furthermore, in the United States, the fate of the nation’s energy security could soon be in the hands of Big Tech.

Microsoft, via Bill Gates’ TerraPower, recently announced it is planning to build its own nuclear facilities.

Three quick points on that:

1) This move demonstrates a lack of trust in the country’s grid.

2) Big Tech appears to be entering the energy industry during what will be tough–and very profitable–times ahead.

3) Nuclear has been loathed by the greens for always, hence their routine protesting of proposed projects across the developed world. But it will now be interesting to watch their sentiment be subtly steered the other, now that the likes of Gates seeks it to be so, to see live in action just how suggestible and malleable those spineless sheeple really are.

As hinted at earlier, the honest accruing of facts and the application of logic are no longer favored attributes or skills, they are instead considered the marks of a heretic and/or a conspiracy theorist, and are being actively stamped out.

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