The Next Great Depression Is In Play

As per a recent AGW Party-funded Bloomberg article, banks that underestimate the financial fallout of the ‘climate crisis’ are exposing themselves to regulatory and investor backlash that includes bigger capital requirements and more lawsuits.

This is according to Jean Boissinot, a senior official at the Bank of France, who has said precedents are now being set that offer a glimpse of the legal risks banks face if they downplay ‘global boiling’.

Similar to COVID, the ‘climate emergency’ is being utilized to take prosperous western societies out at the knees, with the prescribed aim to ‘build them back better’ in a way that also ‘saves the planet’.

After decades of clandestine plays, as well as endless propagandizing, ‘they’ are now brazenly coming for our cash.

The French government detailed 2024 spending plans that will test voter appetite for pouring public money into climate schemes at the same time as withdrawing support for inflation-hit households, continues the Bloomberg article.

For me, this is an embolden controlling elite that feels it no longer even need pretend it cares about public opinion. And after their ‘success’ with COVID, why would they? We proles, on the whole, dutifully locked ourselves in our homes, and we lined up in our billions to accept multiple rounds of an experimental medication for what turned out to be–as was evident even in the early data–nothing but a nasty bout of the flu (the average age of death from COVID was higher than the average life expectancy).

France’s 2024 budget includes a €7 billion increase in investment in green programs to a staggering €40 billion, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Wednesday. While at the same time, promised tax cuts will be ‘delayed’ and measures that have shielded households from soaring energy prices will be withdrawn (self-inflicted misery due to a suicidal push for renewables).

Such crippling policies aren’t just confined to France, of course, global governments move in lockstep, another truth exposed by the pandemic. From Canada and the US, to the UK and Germany, to Australia and New Zealand — they’re screwing us all.

Great Depression Watch

The cycles show that an economic cataclysm was on the cards anyway, it was merely the details that were up for debate.

A historical look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) reveals time is now almost up, that another Great Depression, akin to that of the 1930s, is now in play.

Whatever the reason, cycles dominate our reality, and we humans do best when paying them the upmost respect. And mathematics, though lackluster in many aspects of truth-seeking, does play a key part in our deciphering of said cycles.

Let’s take the Fibonacci Sequence.

This is a number rule that dominates the world around us–natural and otherwise–and when applied to the stock market charts it becomes a startling-accurate predictive tool, considered to be the holy grail of indicators by many-a professional analyst.

Keeping things as simple as possible, let’s apply Fibonaccis to the U.S. stock market.

The ‘4.236’ is a key marker.

It indicates a ‘full extension’ and will often be the level at which a bull run–in this case–‘tops out’.

The graphic below shows today’s activity on the left vs the roaring 1920s run (and subsequent crash) on the right:

Note the similarities.

Note the 1929 peak, how it occurs BANG ON the 4.236 extension.

As per the charts, cycles and mathematics, today’s stock market run–that commenced after the 2008 crash–is due one more small leg up to reach the 4.236. It is missing that final ‘parabola’ or ‘euphoria stage’ that encapsulates the end of prosperous era.

That’s not to say it has to occur, but the charts suggest it will — one last hurrah, one final pump taking the Dow to ≈$39k, and then… well… doom town; the sky will beginning falling, and a new era of economic hardship will be rung in, one that sees a once prosperous west fold in on itself.

This, for me, is what the unseen ‘they’ are effectively foreshadowing. ‘They’ know it is coming, that the mother of all crashes is baked into the cyclical cake, and I am convinced that their recent ‘maneuverings, let’s say, are in order to position themselves so as to capitalize in an unprecedented manner during the multidecadal rebuild.

All the factors are there, the stars are aligning, and we would all do well to brace for economic hardships. But we won’t. In our modern world of ‘one-click dopamine escapism’ and ‘next day delivery’ a Great Depression seems unfathomable. But it’s not.

Living off-grid in Portugal has firmed my backbone and resolve up somewhat. A power outage during a winter storm with only yourself to rely on to get things working again is some solid practice for what is about to unfold. And I learned quickly that romanticizing such events was foolish. Often in the past, the boredom that also comes with modern life had me longing for such an ‘adventure’, for something to bloody do, I guess, to return my own survival/fate to my own hands and out of those of a mollycoddling society. But the reality is very different. Having a young family rely on you directly for their energy, water and food is an enormously stressful undertaking, one that takes years of mental preparation as well as literal.

If I am indeed reading the cycles correctly, then the majority will not make it through the coming upheaval and reset. Survival will take equal combinations of resourcefulness, resolution and luck — and, tragically, a great many will be solely reliant on the latter.

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