Record Cold Strikes B.C.; Climate Change Blamed For 2023’s Mount Everest Deaths; + Climate Models Have Overestimated CO2’s Impact On Global Temperatures By Factor Of 5

Record Cold Strikes B.C.

Areas of British Columbia are setting cold records this June.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) data show the Burns Lake and Puntzi Mountain have held particularly chilly, logging lows of -5C (23F) and -4.9C (23.2F), respectively, felling benchmarks previously held by 1999 and 2018.

“A ridge of high pressure bearing clear skies Tuesday morning brought cool temperatures,” explained the ECCC.

B.C. is set for a warm-up over the coming days, with its mass of cold air forecast to sink south and into the United States.

Climate Change Blamed For 2023’s Mount Everest Deaths

This year is expected to see a record number of deaths on Mount Everest — ‘experts’ blame global warming.

Already, 12 people have been confirmed dead and five more are missing presumed dead. This ties the record 17 deaths set in 2014 –caused by an avalanche that killed 16 local sherpas at once– and is above the average of between 5 and 10 victims.

“Altogether this year we lost 17 people on the mountain,” said Yuba Raj Khatiwada, director of Nepal’s tourism department, speaking to The Guardian (so we know where this is going). “The main cause is the changing in the weather. This season the weather conditions were not favorable, it was very variable. Climate change is having a big impact in the mountains.”

Khatiwada called the weather ‘variable’, that’s all — it’s The Guardian’s editorial bias that stuck ‘melting glaciers’ in there.

They report that sherpas are often having to seek new paths up the mountain due to the melting ice, and run a quote from some random icefall doctor made more a year ago in support of this. They also claim rising temperatures are impacting the Khumbu glacier, where the Everest base camp is located–so much so, in fact, that one official considered moving the camp further down the mountain (work that logic through). However, that plan was immediately quashed by a sherpa pushback.

The Guardian’s propaganda piece is another example of ‘the crowbar effect’ where AGW is implanted into a story regardless of the merits. The article offers no –that’s zero– explanation as to how global warming killed anyone on the mountain this year, it is just tenuously assumed — you know, melting glaciers and shit…

A far more logical explanation for this season’s uptick in Mount Everest deaths is overcrowding.

The government of Nepal issued a record 479 permits in 2023, with more inexperienced climbers than ever attempting the trek.

At $15,000 a pop, the permits are an important revenue stream for the country, but their increase is directly attributable to the increased fatalities: “The climbing pattern has changed, said Ang Norbu Sherpa, president of the Nepal National Mountain Guide Association, “it used to be hardened climbers but now it is a lot of novice climbers who want to get to the summit of Everest.”

However, rather than investigate the logical link between increased novices tackling the mountain and the uptick in deaths, The Guardian instead bemoans the increase in trash being left behind by the tourists, increased litter “despite the government charging a ‘garbage deposit’ that only gets returned if climbers return with their waste.” Oh the humanity!

The Guardian has crashed to the status of agenda driving shill, the enemy of truth — this is well and long known.

Climate Models Have Overestimated CO2’s Impact On Global Temperatures By Factor Of

A new study suggests carbon dioxide molecules have little consequential impact on outgoing radiation, and that today’s climate models assign fundamentally erroneous global temperature effects to CO2.

Russian physicists (Smirnov and Zhilyaev, 2021) have recently had their peer-reviewed paper published in the Advances in Fundamental Physics Special Issue for the journal Foundations.

After a detailed assessing of the role of CO2 molecules in the atmosphere, they assert: “we have a contradiction with the results of climatological models in the analysis of the Earth’s greenhouse effect.”

Key points from the paper include:

1. Climate model calculations of CO2’s impact on global temperatures are in error by a factor of 5 as a result of “ignoring, in climatological models, the fundamental Kirchhoff law” which says radiators are “simultaneously the absorbers.”

2. Change in the concentration of an optically active atmospheric component (like CO2) “would not lead to change in the outgoing radiative flux.”

3. CO2 molecules “are not the main radiator of the atmosphere.” Water vapor molecules are, and thus they “may be responsible for the observed heating of the Earth.”

The discrepancy between the greenhouse gas effect of water vapor molecules relative to CO2 has been addressed elsewhere.

Lightfoot and Mamer (2014) and (2017) suggest that water molecules are, a) 29 times more abundant in the atmosphere and 1.6 times more effective at warming than CO2 molecules are, b) water vapor accounts for 96% of the total radiative forcing for all greenhouse gases, and c) doubling CO2 concentrations would only result in a global temperature increase of 0.33C.

Proponents of anthropogenic global warming can blindly dismiss these findings all they want, but what they irrefutably demonstrate –at the very least– is that The Science is far from settled.

The term ‘consensus’ is used to rally the misinformed and, in this case, to browbeat weak politicians into signing in warped, anti-human policies. In reality though, the term consensus has no place in science. The Science is still very much out on global warming–and that’s me being generous. However, without an open and honest review of the literature the masses will be forever lost in the dark, always anxious of what a warming future will bring. The unknown is scary anyway, and the elites prey-on and amplify this fear; these corrupted souls feed off it and abuse it in the dogged pursuit of their new totalitarian paradigm.

Reject it.

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