Antarctica Plunges To -83.2C (-117.8F) — Earth’s Lowest Temperature Since 2017; Record-Challenging Cold Sweeps Europe; + South America And South Africa Cool

Antarctica Plunges To -83.2C (-117.8F) — Earth’s Lowest Temperature Since 2017

While the media tricks the dumb and the gullible into believing the world is on fire –with poverty-inducing CO2 reductions their only savoir– Antarctica is shivering through an extreme bout of cold, even by South Pole standards.

The Italian-French research station ‘Concordia’ posted a reading of -83.2C (-117.8F) on July 25. This ranks as the fifth coldest daily value in the operational life of the station, bested only by Aug 2010’s -84.7C; July 2010’s -84.6C; and June 2017’s -83.9C and -83.5C.

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino points to this being the planet’s first sub -83C reading since 2017 (June 20):

Station ‘Dome C II’ also impressed, dipping to -81.6C (-114.9F) shortly before 03:00 UTC on July 25:

Real-time observations from the Dome C II on July 25 [AMRC / UW-Madison]

As discussed recently, Antarctic sea ice’s tough time of it in 2023 isn’t related to temperature, that correlation simply doesn’t exist. The Antarctic continent continues to cool, the data are very clear on that, yet ice is taking a proverbial beating this season.

Instead, it is wind patterns, ocean currents and an uptick in submarine volcano activity that appear to be the determining factors re. Antarctic sea ice cover — frustrating realities that the AGW Party, via their MSM lapdogs, refuse to contend with, not wanting to muddy their world-reshaping agenda with inconvenient facts, of course.

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Record-Challenging Cold Sweeps Europe

Another region of the planet apparently “on fire!” right now is Europe.

This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite a pocket of ‘reds’ to the south, the majority of Europe is enduring a ‘blue’ July, with the cold now expected to threaten many-a summer temperature record as it intensifies through Wednesday.

It’s been cold — ask a European, ask me…

We’ve enjoyed a ‘comfortably cool’ July here in Central Portugal (thus far), it’s been great. Same with my old haunt, the UK. July 2023 there is on course to be colder-than-average–and vs the historically cool 1961-1990 era that the Met Office still insist on using, no less.

Looking ahead, and particularly at central/eastern nations, those summer chills are about to take another step down.

As per the latest GFS run (shown below), ‘pinks’ and ‘purples’ are forecast to engulf the likes of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine and Romania this week, sending temperatures crashing by as much as 18C below the seasonal norm.

Record summer lows are expected, an unbiased media would report on them (not holding my breath).

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Weds July 26 [].
GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Thurs July 27 [].

The picture doesn’t improve much as the calendar flips to August:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Sat Aug 5 [].

The majority of Europe is enjoying/enduring a cool summer of 2023, don’t let anyone propagandize you otherwise.

South America And South Africa Cool

And finally, some of that aforementioned Antarctic cold has been spun northward over Southern Hemisphere land masses.

Fierce frosts have gripped areas of Argentina and Chile of late, as South America’s topsyturvymeridional jet stream‘-fueled winter drags on. Looking ahead, more of the same is on the cards, too, as we head into August:

Likewise in South Africa, after last week’s heavy snows the chilling lows have persisted, even in coastal regions. The town of Port Nolloth, for example, posted a minimum of 1.8C (35.2F) yesterday, which is just 0.1C from the domestic port’s all-time record low.

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