Greenland Still Gaining; UK Resorts To Burning Coal Amid Wind And Solar Fail; Geologist Ian Plimer: “We’re Not Dealing With Science”

Greenland Still Gaining

Following last season’s impressive gains, the Greenland ice sheet is at it again in 2022-23.

Throughout the month of May –a time when the Surface Mass Balance (SMB) readings would normally be trending down as we near the summer melt season– Greenland instead formed an uptrend, punctuated by a string of impressive daily SMB gains — new records for the time of year in Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) books dating back to 1981.

And the gains didn’t stop at the turn of the calendar: June is continuing, and even advancing, the anomaly. Even now, well into the middle of the month, the Greenland ice sheet is still gaining GIGATONS of mass when it should ordinarily be losing:


Below is a closer look at the recent gains which, clear as day, are advancing into uncharted territory:


Eyeing the next figure, these gains have delivered a sharp upswing in the season’s accumulated SMB (blue line) which has now blown through the 1981-2010 mean (grey line). This follows a similarly impressive start to the season (from mid-Sept to mid-Dec, 2022):


These advances are contrary to AGW Party doctrine, and they continue the ice sheet’s overall return to growth (after losing mass from 1996 to 2012).

You won’t hear of this via your propagandizing telescreens, of course.

Such news doesn’t serve The Narrative.

Unalarming glacial data would risk disrupting the intravenous dispensation of fear that TPTB have the masses hooked up on. This, it appears, is all the MSM are tasked with nowadays; that is, the constant administration of fear through manufactured crises. Perhaps this has always been so, only I was too young (or too unborn) to notice. A population perpetually panicked, always looking over their shoulder for the next ‘catastrophe’ threatening to ruin them (ALIENS!) are far easier to keep under the thumb, to own, to control, to rule.

Wake up, already, or sleep forever scared.

For more on last season’s impressive SMB gains, see the article below:

UK Resorts To Burning Coal Amid Wind And Solar Fail

In recent days, the UK has been enduring an “extreme heatwave” with temperatures, locally, nudging above 30C (86F).

This absurd designation, however –of “extreme”– has nothing to do with ‘global warming’; rather, it is due to a lowering of the threshold, an intentional stupefying of the public so they believe highs of 30C now warrant an official government “alert”.

To deal with the “furnace” the UK has had no choice but to restart an old coal-fired power plant to meet increasing energy demand. But again, this is less to do with the heat, and more to do with the country’s foolhardy rush into unreliable renewables.

To the chagrin of the country’s crazed alarmists, the National Grid, the country’s electric system operator, authorized the restart of the Ratcliffe power station in Nottinghamshire — as it was also forced to do during a late-spring cold snap.

The plant was due to close in March but was extended for another two years.

“It is a sign of failure that the National Grid is turning to one of the most polluting forms of power generation to deal with a summer heatwave that we know has been made worse because of climate change,” said Ami McCarthy, Greenpeace UK’s political campaigner.

It’s 30 degrees Celsius in mid-June, Ami, you have to get a grip, for your own mental health if nothing else.

Realize, too, that it is your prescribed answer –renewables– that are in a state of crisis, not the climate.

Failing solar panels are partly to blame for the country’s recent energy deficits, with the ageing fleet functioning progressively worse as the years tick by, and, ironically, as temperatures rise with the onset of summer. The main culprit, however, looks to be the UK’s lack of wind required to drive those ‘green’ steel turbine blades around. Another contributing factor is the electricity inter-connectors between the UK and Norway, which had lower capacity due to a technical fault (though Norway has previously said that it will have no trouble cutting Britain off to protect its own decreasing domestic supply).

The World Economic Forum has decreed that renewable energy will supply four-fifths of the world’s electricity by 2050. And if the
WEF says it, then we can assume it shall be so.

But if that occurs, and the issues currently observed in the UK continue and spread globally, then we should expect a calamitous increase in energy disruptions — across borders. This is likely the intention, as power hungry elites, through their groomed politicians and legacy media lapdogs, pursue a dismantling of humanity’s cheap and reliable energy infrastructure in favor of provenly flaky alternatives.

Affordably energy is THE reason humanity lifted itself out of the doldrums of poverty, hunger and disease. To risk it all on the bent of some nonsensical, easily-disproved hypothesis is crazy; it’s pointless, callous, murderous — we should be furious — heads should roll.

Geologist Ian Plimer: “We’re Not Dealing With Science”

An interview with Australian geologist and professor emeritus at the University of Melbourne, Ian Plimer, is doing the social media rounds. Conducted by journalist and skeptic, James Delingpole, topics discussed include the so-called ‘scientific consensus’ on climate change, the corrupt media, and also Australia’s barbaric, authoritarian response to C-19.

“We’ve seen thousands of millions of years of climate change in geology,” states professor Plimer. “And when someone suddenly tries to change the game and say ‘this is all due to humans’, you have to stand up and say, ‘well, what’s the evidence’?”

“Now I’ve been doing that for nearly 30 years, and the evidence has never been supplied.”

“We’re not dealing with science. We never have been. We’ve been dealing with a pressure group that is not concerned about science, not concerned about the environment and not concerned about climate change.”

The full interview can be viewed on Rumble:

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