Heavy Snow Hits London As UK Suffers -14C (6.8F); + Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Sitting At 300 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average, And Climbing

Heavy Snow Hits London As UK Suffers -14C (6.8F)

Across the UK, heavy March snow is closing roads and schools and grounding flights — even in southern England.

A spring-delaying freeze is gripping the UK this week, with a record-challenging -14C (6.8F) posted in Scotland this morning.

The Met Office has issued a myriad of weather warnings for both cold and snow which extend across the majority of the country.

This Wednesday morning, sizable flakes have been noted in London:

Even the southwest city of Bristol has seen snow, with its airport grounding all flights due to the polar conditions.

“The Bristol Airport teams are working hard on snow clearing operations, but the snow continues to fall,” reads a statement.

Temperatures are set to sink even lower as the week progresses with March 10 looking particularly chilly.

The mercury could sink to -19C (-2.2F) in some isolated spots this coming Sunday, a reading that would break the UK’s coldest temperature for that date (the -15C/5F set in Rickmansworth in 1931). Such a reading would also be in reach of the all-time national record low for the month of March (the -22.8C/-9F set in Aberdeenshire in 1958).

This week’s injection of extreme cold was labelled an impossibility under the original global warming hypothesis, certainly by 2023; and you’ll note that mainstream media outlets, lapdogs of the elites, drivers of agendas, are regularly having to punch out paragraphs such as, “this extreme cold is made even rarer by global warming”.

Yet Arctic Outbreaks, the data reveal, are becoming increasingly common even as atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise. This is contrary to the AGW hypothesis, of course, meaning something else is likely at play here:

This Wednesday morning, warm-mongers The Independent are running with the headline, “Britain braced for five days of snow as map reveals coldest places in UK”.

Amusingly, this rag was among the first to push the ‘no snow’ fears of the early-2000s; fears that, even after more than two decades of failure, are still peddled by both the clueless and malevolent alike.

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past” wrote The Independent back in March, 2000 … “which scientists are attributing to global climate change [which will] produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries”.

Well here we are in March, exactly 23-years later from that ‘science-backed’ prophesy, and this (see below) is the scene.

I don’t know how/why the masses willfully ignore the many inaccuracies and catastrophic failures of the past and remain true believers that those in positions of power utilize terms such as “The Science” and employ tools such as the legacy media for the betterment of humanity.

Trust your eyes:

Even the BBC has been reporting on the rare March snow (shown below).

However, unlike with the 2-day heatwave last summer, the EOTW rhetoric used to report on a seasonal anomaly is curiously missing here. Heavy spring snow doesn’t fit the ‘global warming’ agenda, of course, and so in that regard this event is considered mere ‘weather’.

Brits are having a tough time of it of late, with millions cutting back on meals and being forced to switch off the heating due to soaring prices, even as temperatures plunge.

A survey of 2,000 people published this week by the Which? consumer rights and advice organisation revealed that one in seven people (15%) are skipping meals as prices rise. This is up from the one in eight (12%) skipping meals just three months ago.

UK household energy bills began to shoot up at the end of 2021 –so before the war in the Ukraine– and are only set to continue firing higher as mismanagement and a fraudulent green agenda will undoubtedly push the majority of Brits into fuel poverty.

Which? found that heating costs are already intolerable: 72% are putting their heating on less, with 39% using less hot water and 19% cooking fewer meals. An 85-year-old man told Which?: “The house is cold due to the cost of heating, so I am continually wearing layer upon layer of clothes. Saving money on heating allows more money for food.”

This is the state of the once prosperous United Kingdom as of March 2023.

And make no mistake about it, this misery is 100% planned and intentional, caused in no small part by a chronic under-funding of an out-of-favor fossil fuel sector due to twisted Grimms’ tales that the world will end unless we humans drastically reduce our living standards (i.e. CO2 emissions).

Those falling for said fairy tales are being left behind; those apathetic are also resigning themselves and their families to generational-poverty. Again, this is what they want: a controlled demolition of society followed by a Draconian, digital-prison rebuild in their name.

It must also be stressed that any solutions to this attack aren’t to be found at the ballot box — ‘democracy’ is another warped, corrupted illusion. Anti-authoritarianism is required, a complete rejection of the system, a flat-out refusal to take part. Turning up at work everyday and keeping your head down won’t cut it. This is pure cowardice and such pusillanimity is dooming us all.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Sitting At 300 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average, And Climbing

Heavy snow isn’t confined to the UK, with North America, particularly central and western states, assisting in driving ‘total snow mass for the Northern Hemisphere’ well-above the 1982-2012 average.

As of the latest data point (March 5–so before the aforementioned UK falls and the latest round of US storms), snow mass is pushing 3,100 Gigatons — a full 300 Gigatons above the multidecadal norm.

–More impossibilities under the ‘catastrophic global hotty-heat-hot’ hypothessis.

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