Pick A Side: Realist Or Alarmist

As with every mainstream dispute, the establishment–via their MSM lapdogs and pop star ‘experts’–has splintered the climate crisis into two warring camps: realist vs alarmist.

Infighting is always their aim; any distraction is a good distraction — they work as a chokepoint to the truth, to an individual’s awakening.

But as we proles engage online, arguing our hackneyed points with Twitter bots/trolls and within the comment sections of legacy media publications, the establishment continues to implement its game plan regardless, more than happy to watch us plebs vent our frustrations on the very same platforms that they own and control.

They believe we’re stupid, and at times it’s hard to argue that belief.

I think it’s pretty obvious now that the internet, particularly social media, is no representation of the views of Joe public. The establishment has skewed the conversation so that certain perspectives appear mainstream when in a free marketplace of ideas they would be excluded to the fringe. Our controllers are artificially fueling the fires via a distorting of the algorithm, promoting certain extreme ideologies/theories to the point where it seems they should be genuinely considered…

1) There are more than two genders, 2) Inequality is worst today than it’s ever been, 3) The ‘climate crisis’ is an existential threat to humanity. Topics such as these are framed as ‘the debates of our time’, but they’re entirely fabricated–or at least exponentially inflated.

We, Joe Public, are arguing with smoke and mirrors, we are engaging in a dishonest debate, with a shifty ambidextrous puppet master performing from the highest echelons of our ruling global machinery — and Joe hasn’t attained the collective sense to realize this, the internet still being such a novel way of communicating; we haven’t learned its nuances, or discovered how to detect its manipulations, its frauds — not yet anyway.

Still, in the real world, it is a hard and provable ‘NO’ to aforementioned extremes: Fifty+ percent of the population does NOT believe that there are more than two genders, or that racism is worst than ever, or that climate change will boil the oceans. No way, no how. The real numbers are less than two percent, on all counts, easily. But as hinted at, social media posts and legacy news articles alike aren’t created equally. There is a pantomime at play, with general elections (i.e. democracies) perhaps the best example: We continue to fall for the illusion of choice, yet it is only ever the color of the flag that changes, never the policies.

Joseph Bast, former president and CEO of The Heartland Institute, steers us back to the climate ‘debate’:

“Back in 1993, we identified [global warming] as the mother of all environmental scare tactics… Groups on the left understood that if you can control energy, you can control human beings. If, in fact, ‘the combustion of fossil fuels is having a dangerous impact on climate’, you have a recipe for controlling all use of fossil fuels—that’s 80-90% of all the energy. If you can control that and shut it down, you can shut down the engines of the world. And that is no less than what the environmental movement wants to do, and has been trying to do now going on 30 years [with] the global warming debate.”

Here’s another way to put it:

The absurdity is real, “the climate crisis is YOUR fault,” repeats the WEF in their latest propaganda piece (video below). Note also how the organization once again conflates AGW and pollution–the latter I’m in favor of tackling, as any reasonable person should be.

But let’s close with another dose of reality, courtesy of Dr. Patrick Moore.

“There is zero evidence that a CO2 increase in the atmosphere is the cause of rising temperature. None whatsoever.”

There are MANY scientists arguing that climate change is a climate SCAM, yet all are routinely deplatformed from outlets that risk their well-qualified words reaching a large audience, that risk opening up the topic for debate (see links below).

This is a desperate attempt at censorship, of course.

But it’s failing.

The public, for the most part, have eyes, and despite incessant establishment propaganda they are beginning to SEE.

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