Scandinavian Ski Resorts Save Record Piles Of Snow; Australia’s Cold Front Intensifies, Drops A Foot Of Snow; Rare June Flakes Clip Stevens Pass, Record Cold Yakima; + Irish Green Party Seeks To Restrict Free Speech “For The Common Good”

Scandinavian Ski Resorts Save Record Piles Of Snow

Ski centers across Scandinavian are saying they have stockpiled more snow than ever before ahead of the summer of 2023.

Also known as ‘snow farming’, the stockpiling process allows resorts to get a head-start on the next season by spreading the snow back out in early-autumn to form a base.

Some of the snow will be lost to summer melt, explains, but thanks to covers and insulation –such as bark– most of the pack survives.

Sweden’s Idre Fjäll resort says it has stockpiled a total of 203,300 cubic meters (718,000 cubit feet) of snow, the most ever.

While Finland’s Levi ski area has saved a similar 200,000 cubic meters (706,000 cubic feet) –a 33% increase on last summer– which has been spread across a total of nine storage piles.

Australia’s Cold Front Intensifies, Drops A Foot Of Snow

Reality continues to defy official Bureau of Meteorology prophesies, as temperatures continue to plummet well-below-average across Australia as the second polar blast in as many days encases the country’s southern and eastern states.

Temperatures dipped below freezing across swathes of Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and New South Wales Tuesday morning, with overnight snowfall, of as much as a foot, observed at alpine areas, such as Oberon, located west of the Blue Mountains.

Canberra shivered through -5.6C (21.9F) at 6am Tuesday; 1.3C (34.3F) swept Penrith; 1.8C (35.2F) was logged in the Melbourne suburb of Viewbank; -3.9C (25F) at the Oakley defense site, Brisbane; -3.8C (25.2F) at Grove, southwest of Hobart; and 2.7C (36.9F) at Nuriootpa, north of Adelaide — with the wind dropping the feels-like at least a few degrees lower for all.

Temperatures also plunged below zero in southern Queensland, with Oakey reaching -3.7C (25.3F). Elsewhere, on the Darling Downs, Dalby reached -2.5C (27.5F) with Goondiwindi sinking to -0.9C (30.4F).

Also newsworthy, Sydney sank to just 1.8C (35.2F) on Monday which made for the metropolis’ coldest June morning on record (note, that particular monitoring site was only established 12 years ago).

The snow has been equally impressive.

More than 30cm (a foot) has been reported across Aussie alpine area, according to senior BoM meteorologist Miriam Bradbury, who foresees much more on the way.

“It’s fair to say winter is definitely in full swing,” she commented.

Snow at Mount Hotham ski resort in Victoria on Monday. A polar blast is forecast to bring more snow to Australia this week.

Weatherzone’s Anthony Sharwood wrote “it’s absolutely chucking down the snow in the Australian Alps, with the heaviest stuff still to come … The moisture, plus the follow-up of even colder air surging from the southwest makes this a weather system with serious snow potential … “winter is going all-in this year”.

The snowfall has also been welcome news for Thredbo Resort.

“The storm delivered the goods this weekend! Snow started falling all the way down to the village on Sunday morning, and it hasn’t stopped since,” read a statement. “With the blizzard continuing today … we couldn’t be more excited to get on the slopes! And the forecast is even better … Experts are calling for up to 40cm (1.3ft) in the next week!”

Looking ahead, temperatures are set to plummet even further on Wednesday, with a myriad record-breaking lows anticipated.

In turn, graziers across New South Wales have been put on alert, with sheep and lambs at risk of freezing to death.

Rare June Flakes Clip Stevens Pass, Record Cold Yakima

According to, Stevens Pass received three inches of snow over the weekend, with the Mount Rainier area also received an unseasonable dusting.

The snow was generated by a low-pressure system traversing Washington State, explains the National Weather Service, a setup which is driving daytime highs into the lower to mid 60s. NWS meteorologists have labelled the mid-June snow “rare”.

Washington’s cold has proved record-breaking.

A low of 35F (1.66C) was logged at the Yakima Air Terminal early Monday morning, a reading that felled the previous coldest temperature for the date set on June 19, 1996 (solar minimum of cycle 22), and one some 15F below the average.

“It’s very unusual to see these temperatures this late in June,” said Colby Goatley, a meteorologist at the NWS Pendleton office. “Our station to the south of us (in Medford, Ore.) had to issue a freeze warning for this morning.”

Monday’s high reached just 67F, compared with the average high of 81F

This ‘return to winter’ hasn’t been confined to Washington, with anomalous cold crashing south into the likes of California, southwest into more central states, such as Colorado, but also north of the border, too, into Canada.

SilverStar, B.C. –for example– reported decent snowfall on Monday, mere days before the resort opens for summer activities.

Disruptive has also been settling on the Okanagan Connector, with Environment Canada (ECCC) putting out a special weather statement.

Likewise in Alberta, the much documented heatwave appears to be over with 40cm (1.3ft) of out-of-season snow pounding Jasper’s higher elevations –for example– which prompted ECCC to issue a warning: “be prepared for winter conditions.”

Irish Green Party Seeks To Restrict Free Speech “For The Common Good”

In a democratic free-marketplace of ideas, if your political views aren’t widely accepted then the next step should be to admit defeat, to quit pushing them so hard — but that’s rarely we what see. The Irish Green Party is the latest group to go full-Orwellian, with its chairwoman, double-thinking Pauline O’Reilly, calling to “restrict freedom” in order to protect it.

O’Reilly’s comments are part of the introduction of the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022, which seeks to criminalize “incitement to violence or hatred against” people with “protected characteristics,” as well as “condoning, denying or grossly trivializing genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.”

The anti-free speech movement also abuses terms such as disinformation and misinformation to obscure its draconian intentions. They also steer clear of the term “censorship,” instead referring to their objective as “content moderation.”

Speaking before the Irish Senate this week, Green Party chairwoman Pauline O’Reilly declared “when one thinks about it, all law and all legislation is about the restriction of freedom. This is exactly what we are doing here. We are restricting freedom but we are doing it for the common good” — a line befitting an Orwell novel.

“If a person’s views on other people’s identities make their lives unsafe and insecure, and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace, our job as legislators is to restrict those freedoms for the common good,” reiterated O’Reilly.

Now, that seems like a low threshold — “deep discomfort”…? Who polices that, exactly? O’Reilly’s comments have, personally, caused me ‘deep discomfort’, but I know, however tempting, that it would be wrong of me to resort to censorship to shut her up.

“Hate” is how they censored my previous sites, and .co. My arguments, I presume, couldn’t be challenged face on, so they aimed ‘The Center for Countering Digital Hate’ my way. This body, founded in 2018, that somehow has the power to strip truth-seeking websites such as Electroverse of their right to advertise.

“The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is a global non-profit organisation with offices in London and Washington, DC. It campaigns for big tech firms to stop providing services to individuals who may promote hate and misinformation, including neo-Nazis and anti-vaccine advocates.”

The CCDH was setup, for the most part, to silence “anti-vaxxers”, and in that regard, the timing of its inception (2018) could be looked upon as suspicious. But the body also works to de-platform neo-Nazis and “climate deniers”, but to even mention these in the same breath gives a sense of the instability and disconnect from reality going on here.

Censorship and speech controls are the last resort of failing ideologies.

Depressingly, these extreme measures are spreading across the Western world like a virus as the small minority of twisted souls espousing tyrannical intents appear genuinely shocked and surprised when confronted with any amount of push-back.

The majority of us ordinary folk have remained logical, it seems — this is a problem for the elites.

COVID-19 was a prime example of ‘dissent crushing’. Just this week, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook, on orders from on high, censored valid pandemic debates and queries in order to blindly push The Narrative. This tactic is still rife today, particularly when it comes to the topic of global warming where we proles are literally barred from publicly questioning The Science.

This is what people like O’Reilly are fighting for — a monopoly on truth, on science, on The Narrative. Reality is an inconvenient spanner in the works of an agenda, but for a totalitarian regime to win out all it need do is restrict its circulation.

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