N. Hemisphere Snow Mass Above Average; Fortunes Changing For U.S. Ski Industry; St. Paul Hosts First Ever “Snow Summit” Following Historic 2022-23 Winter; + Snow Records Tumble Across N. India

N. Hemisphere Snow Mass Above Average

Following yesterday’s report regarding increasing snow cover in Asia, the first few data points from the Finish Meteorological Institute’s ‘Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere’ chart are in, and they’re above average:


This chart ‘excludes the mountains’, which is important to note when combating the latest fantastical dreamings of the alarmists; that is, that high elevation snow is now expected to increase, where it wasn’t before, under global warming scenarios due to the atmosphere containing more moisture and the highest mountain peaks still holding cold-enough for snow.

What this is, however, is another example of square pegs (a theory) being rammed into round holes (reality), and as is often the case with the global boiling crowd, their hypothesis is constantly and shamelessly molded to fit disproving real world observations, rather than the other way around.

If truth was honestly sought, the AGW theory would have been tossed out many moons ago, or at the very least drastically revised.

Look at the chart, alarmists.

Look at the charts for the past [however-many] years.

Here’s four:

Fortunes Changing for U.S. Ski Industry

“Snowfall is a thing of the past and ski resorts will be the first to suffer,” went the mainstream group-think (and STILL does in quarters not quite up to date with the latest AGW Party bendings).

The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) recently updated the total number of operating ski resorts in the United States.

During the 2022-23 season, a continued increase in resorts open for skiing and riding was noted, bringing the total to 480, which is up from 473 the year before, and 462 the year before that.

Ten new ski resorts opened across the country from California to New Hampshire and even down to Alabama.

Snow Brains poses the question, “Are Fortunes Changing for the American Ski Industry?”

The new trend seems to be headed back in the right direction, wrote article author John Cunningham, who, after reaching out to NSAA Director of Marketing and Communications, Adrienne Isaac, was encouraged to learn of the record-breaking $818 million in capital investments put into ski resorts across the country last year, from lift improvements to on-site amenities.

Even in the headwinds of catastrophic global boiling, “ski resorts are still being created and reopened, and people are still showing up,” Cunningham concluded.

Despite this reality, the NSAA director is beholden to the AGW Party line:

“If we want skiing to persist into the future, it’s going to take the industry’s continued action and advocacy – as well as the action and advocacy of everyone who cares about outdoor recreation – to make audacious, broadscale emissions reduction and change.”

Adrienne Isaac, NSAA

St Paul Hosts First Ever “Snow Summit” Following Historic 2022-23 Winter

Winter is coming, and many North American’s are still recovering from how much snow landed last year.

Keeping the roads clear was one of the biggest issues, which proved a headache from coast-to-coast.

St. Paul, capital of Minnesota, has transformed the Dale Street Garage into host for the city’s first ever “Snow Summit”, which is billed as a chance for St. Paul residents to meet with city leaders and maintenance crews to discuss how to better prepare for snow this year.

Last winter –and as proved to be the case for many U.S. locales– St. Paul broke it’s all-time record for snowfall, receiving over 90 inches of the white stuff over the course of the season, which is almost double city’s seasonal average.

Nick Crudo, with St. Paul Street Maintenance, said their plows struggled to keep up with clearing the streets: “We need [more] people for sure, and then residents can help out a ton by parking where they’re supposed to park,” he said.

Saint Paul Fire crews (Jan 3, 2023).

St. Paul Public Works has already started actively hiring for this winter, but they note that team work goes a long way. The department does not plow in alleyways, so that’s where what’s called ‘Alley Captains’ come in to play.

“I collect the snowplow money and arrange for our alley, a three block alley, to be plowed in the winter,” said Catherine Plessner, an Alley Captain for the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood. “We have each other’s information, we have a coordinator here at St. Paul … so it will get better, and each year it will get better,” said an encouraged Plessner after attending the Snow Summit.

Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul (Jan 5, 2023).

Snow Records Tumble Across N. India

A foot of snow has been recorded in the higher reaches of India’s Himachal Pradesh as winter sets in early.

Across the state of Shimla, early season snow has been a feature, with impressive accumulations settling across the likes of Rohtang, Madhi, Lakkar Mandi, Dalhousie and Kullu, with 12 cm building at Jalodi Jot.

Most impressively, the state capital Narkanda along with Hatu Peak have received their first October snowfall in recorded history. snow. While 10 cm (4 inches) clipped Mandi’s Shikari Devi, breaking a snow record that had stood for 40 years.

Aut-Banjar-Sainj Highway-305, Rohtang Pass and Atal Tunnel have been blocked by the snow. With the infamous Manali-Leh Road, while seeing a brief reopening following a 3-day closure, was closed again 2pm Monday.

Local authorities have instructed people to avoid mountain passes altogether, and to stay away from the Manali-Leh route.

Temperatures in this region of the world have plunged some 12C below the season norm of late, with “severe cold being felt in the morning and evening,” according to a local report by himtimes.com.

Looking ahead, the Meteorological Center in Shimla has issued a yellow alert for more snowstorms, which will include lightning and thunder on Tuesday. According to the Center, winter conditions will persist across the state until at least October 18.

These mid-October falls are bookending what was short, though at times hot, summer season for the region.

Northern India remained under winter-like conditions into June. The Gulmarg’s ski resort, for example, located in the Kashmir Valley, was reporting massive dumpings of snow and freezing cold temperatures.

“We are experiencing a winter season in the middle of summer; I did not expect this much cold,” said one tourist. 

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