Temperatures To Crash In Central Canada; Intensifying Frosts Sweep Russia; + Climate Activists Spread Computer Malware To “Educate Skeptics”

Temperatures To Crash In Central Canada

A sudden pattern flip over Central Canada will see temperatures crash from balmy warmth to a winter-like freeze.

A significant trough descending down from Northern Canada will ‘break’ the Omega block that is currently hanging over the likes of Ontario by the end of the week, delivering below-average temperatures to the region, as well as snow to many communities.

A low solar activity-induced ‘swing between extremes‘ is set to amplify the standard seasonal fluctuations — a setup the legacy media is now linking to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, because their original theory of ‘ever-warmer’ isn’t flying.

Temperature swings of more than 20C are on the cards by the end of the week. And delving into the snow risk, northeastern Ontario could witness its first flakes of the season by the weekend — ahead of schedule.

Intensifying Frosts Sweep Russia

Russia is nosediving into winter: “The area with temperatures below zero is increasing every day,” reports hmn.ru.

Even across the milder European part of Russia, thermometers tanked to -0.5C (31.1F) at the end of September.

In the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi regions, fierce lows of -7C (19.4F) were logged.

While in the Middle Urals, namely in the Sverdlovsk region, -5C (23F) was suffered.

Great swathes of Siberia have also been copping any early-season freeze: -9C (15.8F) in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

But it is Yakutia that has taken the frozen cherry. The eastern Republic has endured freeing lows “throughout the entire territory,” continues hmn.ru. The infamous Verkhoyansk, for example, posted an anomalous -14C (6.8F), with Oymyakon noting -18C (-0.4F).

Looking ahead, additional rounds of punishing cold look to be on the horizon, particularly for western and central parts.

Climate Activists Spread Computer Malware To “Educate Skeptics”

You may have heard of already heard of this one. It started about a month ago, when a group of ever-desperate climate doomsters invited children to deceive ‘skeptic’ family members into downloading malware disguised as a cookie recipe.

First published over at JoNova‘s blog, the calamatists have resorted to emitting a virus to get their failing point across. ‘Climate Skepticism Is Increasing – What If We Could Hack Our Way Out Of That?’, asks alarmist-peddling blog, Zee Feed.

“Two terrible things have happened,” so write these Aussie-based, anti-human, serial complainers, “the world has entered the ‘global boiling’ phase of climate emergency; and climate skepticism has increased in the past four years, worldwide.”

The group were up in arms at a recent survey that revealed 42% of Australians are climate skeptics (is that all?): “so chances are you know someone who thinks this way. We can’t let this group get any bigger… which is why Zee Feed and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition is asking you to help us cheekily and sneakily change their minds with NewsJacker.”

Their claim: “Climate skeptics are victims of a misinformation echo chamber.” Their solution: “NewsJacker is an attempt to hack them out of it, without them even noticing! … [it] is a cheeky website which covertly increases your climate skeptic’s exposure to more factually accurate news. On the surface, it will look like you’re simply sharing an online recipe for easy homemade cookies. But when they visit the link, specially designed technology built into the site updates their online cookies… now telling The Internet that they are seriously pro-climate action. Because of this, as they browse they will see more search results for accurate climate change stories and be targeted by more pro-climate ads and content.”

This brazen act of computer hacking attracted criticism, including the BFD’s Lushington D. Brady.

“Like all criminals, the climate con artists think their ends justify their dodgy means,” writes Brady.

Defending the virus release, Grace Vegesana, AYCC’s director of climate & racial Justice, told The Australian that for young Australians, “climate change was the biggest fight of our lives – so we aren’t afraid to get creative in how we take action”.

That logic leads down a very dangerous path, though. Nobody needs me to spell out.

However, these actions do offer a glimmer of hope. Clearly, the decades-worth of climate propaganda is failing, and even the ratcheting-up of the warm-mongering in recent years (timed with COVID’s exiting) hasn’t converted many newbies to the cause — other than a handful of youths that appear to have been confused about nigh-on everything, even their genitals.

The climate panic is dying, even among staunch AGW Party members, even among politicians.

And with antiquated reasonings using ‘logic’ and ‘data’ still unavailable, because neither have ever supported the theory, outright deception is called for: a virus can be utilized to bend the will of the masses (where have we potentially seen that before?).

In the free marketplace of ideas, ‘global boiling’ has failed, clearly. If the AGW Party was up for a vote–and it never is–it wouldn’t win a single governing seat; and if democracy is alive in the west–and it isn’t–all climate policies would be ditched immediately.

It is only sore losers still peddling the climate spiel, on the behest of those ever-desperate control freaks at unelected bodies such as the UN. And while climate activism may be in its final death throes, it won’t give up easily: Watch your backs, ‘skeptics’.

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