UK’s Historically Cold Summer Drags On; Greenland Ice Sheet Uptick; + Establishment Disconnect

UK’s Cold Summer Drags On

The UK Met Office insists 40C summers will soon to be commonplace. And so by their calculations, the persistently chilly July just gone was made all the more extraordinary. It was a historically cold month and there’s still no warm-up in sight.

The Met Office are keen to blame the jet stream for the UK’s miserable summer, and they’re right to.

That band of fast-flowing air some 6 miles above our heads has indeed ‘buckled’ and is indeed responsible for funneling polar air over not just the UK but the majority of the European continent, too, which has resulted in a host new low temperature records across many nations, as well as heavy summer snow in the Alps.

When it comes to anomalous cold, however –such as this year’s no-show summer– ‘natural’ climatic elements are always to blame, whereas any unusually hot conditions –such as last year’s heatwave (which saw an airport nudge above 40C for a few hours, literally)– are always deemed consistent with IPCC ‘global boiling’ divinations.

It couldn’t possibly be the case that the UK’s toasty few days of 2022 was also due to the jet stream–seeing it subject to a rising African plume…? No, it would appear that explanation is only viable when it comes to descending Arctic air masses, i.e. cold.

Click the link below for more on ‘meridional’ jet stream mechanics:

July 2023 is set to finish with an average of 16C (60.8F), as per official Central England Temperature (CET) figures.

This would put the month on par with 21 other Julys in the CET’s 364-year history, those being the Julys of 1659, 1664, 1665, 1668, 1670, 1671, 1676, 1679, 1680, 1684, 1712, 1720, 1726, 1732, 1739, 1805, 1814, 1824, 1828, 1929, and 2002.

There hasn’t been a peep about this from the BBC, of course.

Instead, all we’ve had from them is Met Office press releases about how ‘global boiling’ will soon render a 40C summer ‘cool’.

–Media bias on full show.

Looking to August, temperatures are on course to dip even lower.

Latest GFS runs (shown below) foresee something akin to Autumn setting in this weekend.

Lows of 3C (37.4F) are on the cards starting Friday which, if they play out, would match the UK’s lowest-ever recorded temperature for the date (Aug 4) — the 3C set at Santon Downham, Norfolk back in 1987 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Friday, Aug 4 [].

Needless to say, Europe’s stark ‘blue’ and ‘purple’ temperature anomalies don’t make it to public telescreens, nor does the heavy summer snow currently pounding the continent’s higher elevations.

Instead, the visuals focus solely on a small pocket of heat in the far south (heat that has now long-dispersed, by the way).

Again, the media’s agenda-driving bias is on full show. Frustratingly though, few seem to notice/see where all this is leading.

Greenland Ice Sheet Uptick

The Greenland Ice Sheet is witnessing a very strong season of 2022-23 with above-average SMB gains.

Despite July’s standard summer dip, progress is now back on track–and then some.

Note the sharp uptick of the past few days:


The MSM has been a little late to bewail the ice sheet’s summer losses, but bewail they now have: “Greenland’s arctic ice sheet can be seen melting away in satellite images,” reads the opening lines of a Newsweek article dated Monday, July 31.

“These images come as up to 50% of Greenland’s ice sheet surface was measured undergoing some degree of melt on several days in July, spanning over 300,000 square miles,” Newsweek continue, trying their darnedest to hyperbolize a standard summer event.

For an article about Greenland, very little else is pertinent–which is telling. Instead, Newsweek go on to quote UN Secretary-General António Guterres regarding the looming AGW catastrophe.

“For vast parts of North America, Asia, Africa and Europe – it is a cruel summer”–which is a lie, unless you play fast and loose with the term ‘vast’. America, overall, is on for a colder-than-average summer; Europe is practically freezing (as shown above); South Africa is enduring a polar blast as I type; while much of Asia, particularly northern swathes, were breaking low temperature records in July. But don’t go letting the facts get in the way, Guterres–“For the entire planet, it is a disaster. And for scientists, it is unequivocal – humans are to blame. All this is entirely consistent with predictions and repeated warnings. The only surprise is the speed of the change.”


The establishment’s disconnect from reality is now blinding.

I, personally, doubt my contentions every single day, as I feel is only right and proper. But in recent times, the mainstream’s warm-mongering has marched into such an unparalleled theatrical phase that it’s leaving all climatic reality in its dust, and I now know I’m right (as much as I can ‘know’ anything).

I document the cold daily, and it is intensifying — I see it.

Bursts of fierce heat will always still occur however, and it is my view that these will actually become fiercer–though not because of anthropogenic ‘global boiling’, but rather due to a low solar activity-induced ‘meridional’ jet stream flow.

In times of meridional (i.e. wavy) flow, a region’s weather is determined by which ‘side’ of the stream it’s on. If it is located ‘above’ the stream (in the NH) then it’s in for a spell of unseasonably cold conditions–open to influxes of Arctic air; while conversely, if the locale is ‘under’ the jet stream then it is set for anomalously hot conditions–subject to air masses dragged up from the tropics.

A wavy jet stream flow also increases the prevalence of swings between extremes. That is to say, an intense burst of heat will linger in one area, while a teeth-chattering chill will dominate nearby; these regions are also then open to flipping on a dime, which is EXACTLY what we’ve just witnessed in southern Europe:

Everything has a natural (often Sun-driven) explanation.

Never is there the need for witch hunting — unless of course there’s an agenda you want forwarding.

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