Wavy Jet Stream Delivers Extreme Rains To SE Europe; Polar Front Hits Australia; + Climate Lockdowns

Wavy Jet Stream Delivers Extreme Rains To SE Europe

As predicted, the weather in Europe has seen the alarmists flip their tiresome spiel from ‘world on fire’ to ‘world is flooding’.

Let’s recall the ‘experts say’ forecasts issued at the beginning of the season.

Southern Europe is bracing for a summer of ferocious drought, reads a Reuters article dated May 17. “The situation of drought is going to worsen this summer,” said Jorge Olcina, professor of geographic analysis at the University of Alicante.

“There’s little chance at this point of rainfall resolving the underlying drought,” Olcina added.

The rains came early in Europe.

At the start of June –so barely two weeks after Olcina’s proclamations– this was the reality:

The rains, for many, persisted throughout the summer season, too, and helped suppress the wildfire season–which was another below-average one, according to the official data, continuing the multidecadal trend.

Despite a few pockets of arson-driven burning, most notably in Greece, Europe has been wet — hence the missing MSM imagery of cracked fields and a parched Danube.

And now, the seasonal rains are arriving on time, inundating the likes of Spain, Turkey and Greece:

Translation: “I prepared for heat and wildfires! Where have the f***ing wildfires gone?”

And this is just the start, too:

Worth noting, the same system inundating the SE–and SW–is also responsible for ‘dragging up’ Tropical warmth to central and western parts, into the likes of France, Germany and the UK which are all now enjoying something of an Indian Summer.

But take note alarmists, this setup doesn’t posses ‘the fingerprints of climate change’, as is regularly claimed. Rather, this is a ‘meridional’ (wavy) jet stream flow in action, one likely exacerbated by the cumulative impact of years of low solar activity which has led to less energy fueling the jets and, in turn, a breakdown of their usual tight and stable ‘zonal’ (west to east) flow.

No imaginary boogeyman required.

This is an entirely natural phenomenon — an ‘omega block’:

Here a graphic of this week’s ‘meridional’ flow developing:


Polar Front Hits Australia

Just as Australian resorts begin mothballing some of their winter operations, a fierce cold front is barreling into the southeast, one expected to deliver 50 cm (20 inches) of snow over the next 7-or-so days.

As reported by snowbrains.com, this cold outbreak could in fact be the coldest of the season for many areas, bringing low level snow and icy temperatures to swathes of the country, and possibly a dangerous squall line to western NSW on Thursday.

Ski runs at Hotham Alpine Resort saw a top up Monday as winter begins its comeback after what proved a warm August.

Forecasts are calling for heavier totals in NSW and Victoria over the next 5 days, with “much more” on the cards next week:

Mt Baw Baw in Victoria, which closed its slopes on Sunday, will see the biggest dumping with 50cm (20 inches) of snow expected. Thredbo Ski Resort in NSW is forecast some 20cm (8 inches) over the next seven days.

The incoming cold wave will be quite encompassing, and by Fri, Sept 8 should have engulfed the majority of the Aussie continent:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 8 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Temperatures in Victoria are already holding way below the freezing mark, and state resorts are seeing heavy snow. The snow line will drop to <500m (1,600ft) in Victoria over the coming days, to around 600m (1950ft) in NSW, and as low as 200m (650ft) in Tasmania.

Climate Lockdowns

While I struggle to see how climate lockdowns could ever be implemented, how enough people could ever buy them, I do recognize that talk of them is rife, and from folk concerningly ‘high-up’, too.

WEF adviser Yuval Noah Harari, for example, has stated that entire countries should be locked down to combat the climate crisis. Watch the below snippet from a recent interview. It’s like a bloody light-bulb went off in his mind.

I also accept that they only need 10%–likely less–of the population to accept climate lockdowns, and then a shaming campaign can be launched onboard the rest — tactic employed during COVID.

We also have bodies such as the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which is a group of 96 cities around the world, has “ambitious target” to be achieved by 2030 of no meat, no dairy, no private vehicles and only “three new clothing items per person per year”, which, although doesn’t expressly label their goal ‘climate lockdowns’, it doesn’t sound all too far off either.

Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer is on record saying COVID lockdowns were used to desensitize people to the idea of climate lockdowns.

“Here was a wonderful opportunity to change the planet, and helped by Klaus Schwab [of] the World Economic Forum, we were able to shift the Western world towards socialism, Said Plimer.

“The next evolutionary stage for that is to have climate lockdowns … to lock down people with travel, to lock down people in cities, in their houses, to lock down people with the sort of food they eat. This is a method of people who are unelected wanting to control every aspect of your life, and the biggest mistake we could have would be to agree to any sort of climate lockdown, or any sort of restriction on our freedom to use energy in whatever way we want to.”

This still sounds a tad alarmist. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. And hey, if I don’t believe Geologist Ian Plimer, maybe Hollywood actor Sean Penn can convince me. He called COVID a “mandatory rehearsal for things to come” live on CNN:

Though still on the fence, I guess ‘watch out’ is my message.

Whatever Part II of their draconian roll-out looks like, and it is coming, be sure to roundly reject it.

“This will end if we simply say no. Because an unelected body like the WHO, which is controlled and run by multibillionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government.” ~ Christine Anderson MEP

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