Yesterday, Nowhere In United States Reached 80F; Snowfall Records Tumble; EU To Extend ‘Energy Crisis Measure’ Through Next Winter

Yesterday, Nowhere In United States Reached 80F

Following Sunday’s myriad of cold records, the United States set a host more on Monday — largely confined to the southeast:

On March 20, zero stations in the Lower 48 reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27C), an incredibly rare feat for the time of year. The highest readings were the 79F (26.1F) logged at one station in Florida and four stations in California.

Looking ahead, additional rounds of plunging polar cold are on the cards as spring 2023, for many, refuses to sprung:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 20 – April 6 [].

Snowfall Records Tumble

Along with the biting cold, America’s spring snow is also proving historic.

With a fresh dumping of 7.7 inches (19.6 cm), the Central Sierra Snow Lab at Donner Pass, CA has now received 677 inches (17 meters) of snow since this season, making it the second snowiest season since records began in 1946.

The resort is 135 inches shy of the all-time record held by 1951-52 year, but with yet more heavy spring snow in the forecast, I wouldn’t bet against this season pipping that top spot.

Winter alerts stretch through the Sierra Nevada and San Gabriel mountains through Wednesday for heavy snow and gusty winds. Winter storm watches, warnings and advisories are in place across Northern California, for the Sierra Nevada.

Totals will be sizable in the northern Sierra, but even southern California could see accumulations of 2+ feet.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 21 – April 6 [].

EU To Extend ‘Energy Crisis Measure’ Through Next Winter

Central Europe got off lightly this winter season — it was generally mild and energy reserves held up well. Soaring prices also helped demand, curbing industrial and residential usage alike–as European’s simply couldn’t afford to heat their homes.

Saying that, this past winter was a cake walk — it could have been a lot worse, all things considered.

However, as the energy CEOs have long alluded to, it will be next winter (2023-24) that proves the real crisis point.

In line with this fear, the European Commission is planning to extend its emergency measures to curb gas usage for another 12-months, “to help Europe get through next winter with scarce Russian gas”.

The ask is that countries curb their gas demand by 15% from April 2023 to at least March 2024.

Such extreme measures are required if countries are to fill their gas storage to 90% of capacity by November, so says the Commission — a binding target EU countries agreed to last year in order to avert winter shortages.

The establishment continues to target the ‘greenist’ of energies (i.e. natural gas and nuclear). This demonstrates, at least to me, that the aim here is not to avoid hardship or ‘save the planet’, but rather to decimate the West’s living standards via an all-out attack on the availability of, or access to, cheap and reliable energy — the backbone of human prosperity. They want us desperate, powerless, hungry and cold, serfs bound until death by a cripplingly unfair system — and they’re getting there.

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