You Will Be Tokenized

The elites are planning a new financial system, one that will effectively tokenize everything using the blockchain (cryptocurrencies); from food, to land, to vehicles, to homes, to you and me — everything.


‘The Tokenized Revolution’ will be hailed as a good thing, as draconian nightmares always are.

The establishment’s goal here is to tokenize not only existing/traditional assets, such as homes, which would be problematic enough, but to create brand new asset classes such as ‘natural assets’.

In short, they seek planetary tokenization, with lakes and deserts, mountains and forests all up for grabs, and they’ll time the switchover when it worst suits the masses, during a financial crisis, more than likely, when us proles don’t have two pennies to rub together and so can’t profit from the new order of things.

The world will be fractionalized down to the last tree, with that tree winnable to the highest bidder. This will increase the amount of assets in the existing economy. It will effectively allow the rich to own the planet.

This audacious plan will be relentlessly promoted by politicians and propagandized by the legacy media. It will be sold as our only hope against the existential threat that is ‘global boiling’, and world governments will permit the tokenization of their lands and waterways, their assets, in order to save us from these ruinous forces of capitalism.

Tokenization will save us from the next Great Depression too, and I have little doubt that as people see their house values collapse and their job opportunities dry up, they themselves will be begging for a change of the system. And yes, a local community may be able to pool enough tokens together to buy the local park or whatever, but who do you think is going end up owning a vast proportion of the town, of the surrounding farm land and of the natural resources…

Whether you reside in a BRICS nation or Western one, most countries are already pursuing agenda 2030. Tokenization is part of this. The showy geopolitical maneuverings between these two groups is on some level real, but at the highest levels they all want the same thing (plus war is profitable) — from Russia and China to the U.S. and the UK, the intentions rhyme: control.

And it stands that no president/prime minister can change what’s coming. Leaders are mere puppets, and their strings, whether they like it or not, extend to multinational corporations. And puppets that go rogue have a horrible habit of being disappeared.

The world is a cutthroat business.

Given our technological advancements, tokenization is the next logical step. It will allow the elites to own most everything, to surveil most everyone, and to automatically crush any dissenting factions as easily as running a line of code in an algorithm: a ‘red mark’ on your social credit score because you liked an Electroverse article, for example.

The plan is being worked to appeal to both sides and all, to the ‘deranged’ left and the ‘bigoted’ right: “It will save the planet” is the line to appease the former, with “look how rich you’ll get” appealing to the latter. “Tokenize your land, put it on our platform and win a piece of all this wealth,” is likely how many conservatives will be captured, so be careful with that. Because one move out of line, one red mark against our name –for calling Bill Gates a pedophile, perhaps?– and the small print will enact a ruinous revenge.


‘Debt for Climate’ swaps are real and they are here, as discussed recently by the likes of BlackRock’s Larry Fink and former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. These two bigwigs have spoken on many occasions to a reimagining the World Bank and the IMF, all the multilateral development banks in fact, for the purpose of using debt to finance said fractionalization.

‘Debt for Nature’ swaps, as they’re also known, are essentially land grabs, though they’re framed as being necessary to save the planet.


Though publicly badmouthing crypto since its inception, BlackRock now officially owns some 200,000 Bitcoin (which might explain why the price has been headed north of late).

At the current trajectory of accumulation, BlackRock will soon have complete market dominance over the digital asset and so the crypto industry in general (all other assets follow BTC). This will allow them to manipulate the markets however they see fit.

The U.S. government (who work for the likes of BlackRock) recently seized control of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. Tellingly, one of their first actions was to delist a popular cryptocurrency called Monero (XMR).

This digital coin is different to Bitcoin, it is what Bitcoin was original sold as being.

XMR uses a blockchain with privacy-enhancing technologies to obfuscate transactions to achieve anonymity. Observers cannot decipher addresses trading Monero, transaction amounts, address balances, or transaction histories. This jarred with the agenda, of course. The price of XMR tanked 40% on the delisiting.

November Won’t Save You

Oppose their aims, no matter how compelling the sales pitch sounds: “This is the future, don’t get left behind”.

This is their route to global governance, mass surveillance and the end of privacy. Recognize it as such, as a threat, and reject it.

Ignore the psyops that will inevitably be tossed our way. Live our truth. I’m not hanging my hat on the right man getting into the White House. We need to build up from our local communities, not wait on top down instructions — when has that ever worked?

A vote for Biden or for Trump is a vote for massive fund managers such as BlackRock, powerful organizations that start wars just to make money. Millions of people die and these entities grow larger, as if feeding on the souls. And they seek more. Much more.

BlackRock are buying up Ukraine. They are literally taking the over the world. Next step: they want to evict us from it.

Wake up the asleep, and fast, or you will be tokenized: your movement, your purchases, your working hours, your home, your health, your goals — you.

Further digging: WEF’s ‘The Tokenization Economy’ talk from Davos

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