AGW Party Switch Their Drought ‘Doom-Ladening’ From Western U.S. To Europe…

A recent article doing the MSM rounds –likely written before last week’s unseasonable rains and snows– is keen to draw focus on the drought threatening to envelope Southern Europe, particularly Spain.

“Southern Europe is bracing for a summer of ferocious drought,” reads the opening line of a totally unbiased Reuters article.

Spain garners most of the ink, simply because it, along with portions of Portugal/southern France, are the only European regions currently struggling with water levels: “The situation of drought is going to worsen this summer,” said Jorge Olcina, professor of geographic analysis at the University of Alicante, leaning on the obvious: summers are usually dry.

There’s little chance at this point of rainfall resolving the underlying drought, continues Reuters: “At this time of the year, the only thing we can have are punctual and local storms, which are not going to solve the rainfall deficit,” Olcina said.

This ‘Science Says’ attitude recalls the confident divinations of a snowless Alps.

The legacy media leapt on a dry winter across Europe’s higher elevations, using it to push their AGW agenda, only to be left with egg on their haughty little faces when spring delivered record dumpings of snow, totals that are persisting into late-May and clawing back the winter deficit–and then some.

With that in mind, look at what Spain has in store starting this week.

Despite professor Olcina’s agenda-driving claim that “at this time of year, the only thing we can have are punctual and local storms,” latest GFS runs foresee nation-spanning deluges on course to flood much of the Iberian Peninsula:

GFS Accumulated Snowfall (mm) May 18 – June 3 [].

Also note the deluge forecast for the rest of Europe, too, and see that these rains are arriving in line with an anomalously cold polar air mass, meaning a portion of it will fall as yet more snow atop Europe’s peaks, including the Alps and Pyrenees.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 17 – May 19 [].

Suffice it to say, Europe is not in drought, and is not expected to enter drought anytime soon.

The very best the establishment can muster is a stat claiming that 22% of the continent is under a ‘drought warning’. Spain, Portugal and parts of southern France are anomalously dry, absolutely they are; but as shown above, this is about to change, and dramatically so, as an out-of-season helping hand from Mother Nature delivers some equilibrium — as she always does.

In fact, we should expect the dominating MSM headlines to read along the line of: ‘climate change-induced floods ravage Europe’ as the calendar nears June, floods that are already gripping the likes of Italy this week (with further heavy rains on the way):

Our senses tell us one thing while The Narrative steadfastly sells us the opposite.

More frequent and severe drought in the Mediterranean region is in line with climate change predictions, continues the Reuters article: “In terms of the climate change signal, it very much fits with what we’re expecting,” said AGW puppet Hayley Fowler, Professor of Climate Change Impacts at Newcastle University.

Below is another shot of inundated Italy this week — a Mediterranean nation, last time I checked. Here too, the establishment is spreading baseless drought fears, claiming “desperate Italian farmers are planning to cut back on their planting acreage”…

“Severe drought in Southern Europe is particularly worrying, not only for the farmers there but also because this can push up already very high consumer prices if the EU production is significantly lower,” Commission spokesperson Miriam Garcia Ferrer said. This, for me, drives at the heart of all this: the use of scam crises as the excuse for intentional, economic-driven hardship.

To finish, these pair of AGW party shills (newsTALK reporters James Wilson and Jack Quann) need to get their story straight.

Fewer than two weeks separate these articles:

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