Alaska’s Record Low Wildfire Numbers; South Africa’s Incoming Polar Blast; + BRICS Domination

Alaska’s Record Low Wildfire Numbers

To Monday (June 26), Alaska wildfires have burned barely 1,300 acres — the smallest area by this time of year in records stretching back three decades.

According to Rick Thoman, climate specialist with Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, this year’s cold spring has been the key attributing factor, resulting in a late snowmelt; but it’s not the only one: Low pressure across the Bering Sea and very few thunderstorms are other contributing phenomena.

The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center has reported a total of 129 wildfires statewide and 1,314 acres burned. Of those wildfires, 110 were started by human causes, with the other 19 caused by lighting.

“The typical acres burned at this point in the season, June 26, is about 175,000 acres,” said Thoman.

This bodes well for the summer season to come, too. After the second week of July, energy and heat from the sun declines. Thoman explained that while wildfires can still occur after this point, they mostly only come from fires that already burning. 

“ We are not out of the woods,” stresses Thoman, “but the clock is definitely ticking … If we don’t see a significant change in the weather pattern that would change the character for the season, then we aren’t going to see much change with the wildfires.”

Thoman concludes by appeasing his totalitarian backers, and earns his paycheck: With the warming summer temperatures and the earlier melting of the winter snow, he said, we can expect the Alaskan wildfire season will expand in the years to come.

South Africa’s Incoming Polar Blast

A strong mid-winter cut-off low is pushing in from the west, set to bring lots of rain, a steep drop in temperature and plenty of snow to South Africa.

A “cold snap” is on its way, reports Gauteng Weather’s Twitter page with things expected to get “a lot colder, starting on June 29”. Thursday’s morning low is forecast to be 2C (35.6F), with Friday due to come in even colder–perhaps even at the freezing mark.

The likes of KwaZulu-Natal is on alert, with the South African Weather Service (SAWS) warning of frigid temperatures and snow in parts of the country. Precarious driving conditions and road closures are likely in the northeastern regions of the Eastern Cape.

“Parts of South Africa and Lesotho are in for a brutal cold snap in the next few days,” reads a SAWS weather statement, with plenty of snow in the forecast. Lesotho’s local weather agency agrees, warning of “bitterly cold temperatures with heavy snowfall”, conditions which could even spill over to QwaQwa in the northeastern Free State, it added.

The SAWS statement continues:

“Some road network and mountain passes connecting communities on the southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape could be closed on Thursday, following the potential disruptive snow on the roads and railways, especially during the morning hours. Areas of potential impacts include Molteno, Barkly East, Lady Grey and Matatiele, and there could be isolated loss of livestock in this northern region.”

BRICS Domination

Closing with an economic point. It is believed the new world power will be held by the BRICS nations (originally Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). And for good reason. It makes sense.

China’s political interfering in the west –its literal infiltration of the U.S. government– is working a charm.

For one, the CCP has convinced the west to rid itself of cheap and reliable energy in the name of ‘saving the planet’ via nonsensical emissions reductions, while China itself –along with the other BRICS nations– carry on as normal, building, advancing and, ultimately, prospering:

Bought-out western politicians and their MSM lapdogs continue to resign their people to energy and food poverty, even though the majority of the population have NOT fallen for the global warming fallacy — ipso facto: this is not a democracy we exist in.

And China et al., well, they’re getting away scott-free, permitted by our politicians –in writing!– to excrete as much carbon dioxide as they desire and so, in turn, build and expand their economies (and armies) while the west tears down theirs.

Needless to say, this does not bode well for the future of the west.

Compare and contrast:

China is readying while the west is degenerating, sinking ever further into a pit of narcissistic delusion.

The BRICS nations are about to dominate.

Mark my words.

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