Cold Sets In Across South Africa, Snow Too; California’s “Deadly Cold” Rivers; Europe Warming ‘Twice As Fast’ As Global Average; + Concerning Push For Geoengineering

Cold Sets In Across South Africa, Snow Too

Plunging lows and heavy snow are causing disruptions to mountain roads and railways connecting mountain communities from the southern Drakensberg to the Eastern Cape.

Livestock losses in western/northern regions have also been noted.

While wet and very cold conditions have spread to South Africa’s central provinces, too.

Much of Southern Africa is enduring a blast of anomalous cold this week, with the nations of Mauritius, Zambia and Mozambique recently coming close to besting monthly low temperature records for June.

Off shore, Madagascar and Reunion Island have also copped something of a ‘freeze’. Yesterday, a low of -1.1C (30F) at Plaine de Chicot –located in the Reunion Island mountains– did set a new June low temperature record.

Impressive accumulations of snow are also proving disruptive:

California’s “Deadly Cold” Rivers

“River water temperatures are DEADLY cold. Think twice before you jump into local rivers without a life jacket. It may be the last decision you ever make,” warned the National Weather Service Thursday.

An very cold and historically snowy winter has sent the state’s rivers roaring with dangerously cold waters, conditions that have already resulted in untimely deaths of many people, including children.

The all-time record-breaking snowpack that built up over the winter is now feeding icy-cold water into the rivers, a setup ready to intensify this weekend when temperatures finally climb to something more closely resembling summer.

“Snow normally melts gradually throughout the spring,” said Sara Kennedy, the boating education and outreach coordinator for California State Parks, and by the start of summer the vast majority the pack has gone. But not this year. The first half of 2023 held very cold across California, leading to fears that this weekend’s onset of summer could lead to something of a ‘catch up’.

“Since we still have an abundance of snow that has not melted yet, we are coming up to the hottest months of the year and we are still having a massive snowmelt event causing rivers to run faster, higher and colder than it would run,” continued Kennedy.

Jason Ince, of the California Department of Water Resources, echos the warnings: “Water temperatures will quickly lead to shock and [hypothermia], the risk to the public posed by Sierra Nevada and Central Valley rivers will continue to be very high.”

Winter just gone was a truly flummoxing one for AGW Party members to get their group-thinking heads around–and these folk are accustomed to a little Doublethink, their religion demands it.

But whatever your angle or agenda, the winter of 2022-23 is most-certainly one to remember –so long as the Ministry of Truth doesn’t scrub it from the history books, that is— especially across the western United States where at least 19 resorts broke their all-time snowpack records.

Needless to say, and no matter the number of bungling climate studies professing otherwise, this is NOT what the global warming hypothesis promised, and last winter’s events render claims of ‘snow free mountains by 2030/40/50’ utterly absurd.

If you believe in CAGW, you are part of the problem, and your commitment to ignorance is damning us all; your self preservation through conformity to dogma.

Europe Warming ‘Twice As Fast’ As Global Average

According to a report recently issued by the World Meteorological Organization and the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, “Europe is warming twice as fast the global average”, although “its expanded use of renewable energy provides a silver lining” — the agenda is clearer than ever.

This also bears repeating:

Everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else.

“With precipitation below average across much of the region in 2022, France had its driest January to September, and the United Kingdom had its driest January to August since 1976,” stated the UN in its report for 2022.

Precipitation, they won’t thank me for pointing out, has now caught-up and then some in 2023, against official forecasts:

“The melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet contributed around 14.9 mm to global mean sea-level rise. And according to scientific assessments, it continued to lose mass during 2022,” continued the WMO report.


2022 was an above average year for Greenland snow/ice gains.

2023’s growth is truly astonishing:

The UN report continues, and highlights the implications of Europe’s extreme weather patterns for the supply, demand and infrastructure of Europe’s energy system.

“But, in a sign of hope for the future, renewable energy generated more electricity than natural gas last year. Wind and solar power generated 22.3% of European Union’s electricity in 2022, while natural gas accounted for 20%.

“For the first time, more electricity was generated by wind and solar than by fossil gas in the EU. Increasing use of renewables and low-carbon energy sources is crucial to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.”

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that anti-correlation has emerged between Europe’s renewable usage and its living standards.

The following video (Twitter embed below) is UN’s accompanying promo piece.

Everything about it reeks of propaganda — even the choice of music:

Concerning Push For Geoengineering

I fear that ‘desperate times’ risk the roll-out of desperate measures. The European Union may agree, with some of its members calling for international talks on a potential worldwide framework on how to regulate geoengineering.

In a statement released yesterday, the European Commission argued that the risks and long-term impacts of geoengineering aren’t well understood and that necessary regulations haven’t been developed. “[The tech] could also increase power imbalances between nations, spark conflicts and raises a myriad of ethical, legal, governance and political issues,” the commission wrote.

“Nobody should be conducting experiments alone with our shared planet,” Frans Timmermans, the European Union climate policy chief, said according to Reuters. “This should be discussed in the right forum, at the highest international level.”

Many geoengineering proposals are concerning, such as solar radiation modification which seeks to block the sun’s rays.

Earlier this year, a group of researchers at Harvard and the University of Utah proposed a solution to shoot millions of tons of moon dust into Earth’s orbit to partially block out the Sun’s rays every year.


And last year, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced an idea that included engineering a huge raft of “bubbles” that would be sent into outer space. The raft would sit between the Earth and the Sun and would be big enough to deflect sunlight away from the planet to slow down global warming.


We need the sun–more than ever if forecasts of prominent solar physicists are correct and we are indeed on the cusp of the next prolonged (and naturally cyclical) spell of reduced solar output (aka, a Grand Solar Minimum).

And just to check, it is still me that’s considered the crazy one, right?–for pointing out that Greenland is GAINING ice, that polar bear populations are INCREASING, that the Great Barrier Reef is GROWING at record levels, and that our planet has been COOLING since 2016 (if not earlier)…? It’s realists like me that require deplatforming, censoring, and demonetizing…? Got it.

The EU is, at least on the face of it, trying, and isn’t the first governmental body to advocate for a closer watch and stricter regulations on geoengineering. In January, Mexico’s government moved to ban solar geoengineering projects in the country after the startup Make Sunsets said that it released weather balloons filled with sulfur dioxide particles in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.

The sulfur dioxide particles are reflective and were supposed to block sunlight. However, these particles contribute to acid rain and can irritate people’s lungs. A few balloons may not cause those problems, but the company conducted this experiment without any sort of approval from Mexican authorities.

People are stupid, remember that, and scared people are the stupidest; scared people with a savior complex — oh boy.

If the establishment continues its dogged pursuit in convincing the masses that global warming is ‘planet ending’ then the next generation of scientists and researchers are inevitably going to develop increasingly risky measures to try and combat it.

Human hubris continues to prove humanities biggest threat.

Not carbon, the universal building block for life.

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