Antarctica Breaks *Multiple* All-Time Low Temperature Records; + The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books

Antarctica Breaks *Multiple* All-Time Low Temperature Records

Antarctica is cooling. The data confirm it.

Temperatures at the bottom of the world have routinely broken all-time records in recent times.

Antarctica endured its coldest-ever ‘coreless winter’ (April-Sept) in 2021, then shivered through practically all of 2022, posting colder-than-average month after colder-than-average month, including the coldest November since 1987 and the latest -60C (-76F) on record — with the year culminating in the South Pole Station averaging just -49.5C (-51.7F); -0.4C below the norm.

The historic chill has spilled into 2023, too.

Back in March, the Antarctic continent suffered its coldest ever reading so early into a year; in July it logged Earth’s lowest temperature since 2017; and now, in mid-August, it’s breaking multiple all-time cold records at stations across the continent.

These include:

The -61.1C (-78F) at the Vito AWS, located on the Ross Ice Shelf, which broke its previous all-time minimum record of -60.6C (-77.1F) set in August 22, 2008; the -59.9C (75.8F) at Willie Field, located at Ross Island Vicinity, which bested the old benchmark of -56.9C (-70.4F) from August 7, 2001; and the -56.7C (70.1F) at Lorne, also sited on Ross Island, which felled the -54.9C (-66.8F) set on July 17, 2010.

Elsewhere, -53.2C (-63.8F) was posted at Erin in West Antarctica, which tied the all-time record from July 16, 2010.

The AGO-4 at Vostok dropped to -81C (-113.8F), a reading not seen since 1994.

While Byrd, another automatic station in West Antarctica, recently posted -63.9C (-83F), which came within just 0.5C of the all-time low temperature record there, the -64.4C (-83.9F) set back on July 18, 1985.

Note: all data is official and comes courtesy of ANTMET.

But, “Ice loss!” scream the propagandized orange paint-tossers among us upon the direction of a corrupted MSM and a band of parroting, group-thinking pop-scientists.

Clear to see though, this year’s sea ice blip requires far deeper digging than the catastrophists will want to admit, or are likely even capable of undertaking. Take the wild swings in Antarctica’s sea ice in recent years (chart below) — from a record-smashing high in 2014 to a new low in 2017, then back to the average in 2020:

There is far more at play when it comes to Antarctic sea ice cover than merely temperature. A low solar activity-induced meridional jet stream flow is one forcing playing havoc down there, impacting ocean currents and wind patterns; while an uptick in volcanic activity, including the record-high mesospheric Hunga Tonga eruption, is another probable mechanism.

The climate system is not a simple one, nor is it a well understood one — don’t let anyone fool you otherwise, there is still much up for debate.

The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books

[This article was originally published over at on August 18, 2020].

I worry how history will be read in just a few decades from now. Before our eyes, institutions charged with advancing the AGW Party narrative are scrubbing inconvenient historical events from the books.

Michael Mann was one of the most infamous culprits, with his blatant rewriting of the warm periods of the past–namely the erasing of the Medieval Warm Period; but there are more-subtle attempts at rewriting history occurring playing out today.

A recent BBC article opens with: “What could be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth –130F (54.4C)– may have been reached in Death Valley National Park, California.”

The word “reliably” is of course key here, and it is the setup for the BBC’s attempt at discrediting the hotter heat records of the past. The institution’s repellent Orwellian ‘attack’ begins by disputing the all-time record of 134F, or 56.6C set back in 1913–the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (and one the BBC rounds-down for some inexplicable reason, with the official record actually standing at 134.1F).

According to the agenda-driven, history-twisting BBC: “[1913’s record] is believed by some modern weather experts to have been erroneous, along with several other searing temperatures recorded that summer.”

The BBC are disputing not just one temperature reading but multiple temperature readings and from different thermometers and at different locations, too.

But hold on a minute, the respected journalists at the BBC have managed to Google-up some old “science” to support their claim. They’ve come across the restroom-wall scribblings of an ill-informed activist-stooge, and, as with all restroom-wall scribblings that happen to tow the AGW Party line, they run the risk of being used as expert testimony.

The activist-stooge in question this time is Christopher Burt (…no, me neither).

“According to a 2016 analysis from weather historian Christopher Burt,” continues the BBC, “other temperatures in the region recorded in 1913 do not corroborate the Death Valley reading,”–a paragraph which totally contradicts the opening one; but ignoring that, it says a lot if Christoper-“I’ve never heard of him either”-Burt is the best you can dig-up.

1) Burt isn’t a scientist, he’s a self-appointed weather historian, and 2) even in the great, respected field of self-appointed weather historians, with his eminently useful BA in International Relations backing him up, Christopher Burt is still a nobody.

However, that matters not, of course, he spews the AGW Party line, and so he’s in.

The BBC go on to quote Burt again. And up next, he’s questioning the 131F (55C) record set in Tunisia back in 1931. Apparently, this reading isn’t good enough for him either, and, according to Burt –and only to Burt– it has “serious credibility issues”.

That’s as far as the BBC goes though. What credibility issues? And what’s to say the temperature that day in Tunisia wasn’t actually hotter–perhaps the thermometer actually underestimated the temp…?

The BBC are throwing unsubstantiated doubt on historical heat records merely so they can claim yesterday’s 130F in Death Valley is proof that our planet is burning-up. These historical heat records were good enough for the past 100-or-so years, but as they’re now hampering the AGW Party efforts, they’re being discredited — the first step in erasing them from history all-together.

The tactic is so palpable, yet so hard for your average compliant Joe to fathom.

Nevertheless, this dangerous rewriting of history needs combating by all of us and at every corner.

Solar activity holds the key to Earth’s climate.

It is no coincidence that the heat experienced in Death Valley in 2020 is comparable to that during the July of 1913 — the year 1913 falls within the deep solar minimum of weak solar cycle 14, which is very similar in setup to today’s most-recently completed cycle, 24:

Climate is cyclic, never linear, with activity within the Sun the driving factor, not Man and his inconsequential enterprises.

Humans have as much of a say in the grand climate cycles as ants on mound of dirt. Sure we can shift that dirt about, ravage the local environment even and completely alter our surroundings, but we have ZERO say in the multimillennial will of the cosmos.

Man is, however, capable of recognizing the cycles, them having been ingrained deep within us throughout our existence. For those capable of shutting off the warm-mongering spewings of establishment telescreens, these cyclical patterns reveal that a return to the COLD TIMES is likely on the cards with a REFREEZING mid-latitudes in line with low solar activity, cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow.

The herd believe we’re illimitably warming; the grand cycles of the cosmos, however, say otherwise.

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