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Arctic Misinformation

The catalog of establishment climate fails is so large and well-known that it’s almost cliché to mention it. Yet still, new ones continue to be added.

Here’s a look at two ‘Center for Biological Diversity’ quotes:

“Now, climate scientists say the Arctic could be completely ice free in the summer by 2012.”

– Center for Biological Diversity 2009

“Now climate scientists say the Arctic could be completely ice free in the summer by the 2030s.”

– Center for Biological Diversity 2023

In the 14 years since 2009 not a lot has change with regards to the institution’s wording, only the dates for catastrophe which have been pushed back (with zero mention).

‘Climate change’ has replaced ‘global warming’ — that’s one interesting change.

While in the featured images, 2009 sees the mamma polar bear with just one cub, whereas in 2023 she has two cubs, which looks to be an unintentional nod to the fact that the global polar bear population,is increasing, as per the official data.

The Center for Biological Diversity is just another agency charged with pushing a baseless ‘catastrophe narrative’.

Icelandic Seismic Swarm

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) is continuing its close monitoring of the Reykjanes Peninsula, specifically of the evolving geophysical phenomena at Mt. Þorbjörn.

Following the considerable seismic swarm, which has consisted of over 18,500 earthquakes since October 25, the IMO’s latest data, issued November 9 offers new insights into the region’s activity.

The recent patterns of seismicity and crustal deformation at Mt. Þorbjörn show a continuation of the intense geophysical unrest.

In the 24-hour period leading up to 12:20 UTC on November 9, seismologists recorded approximately 1,400 earthquakes, with the most significant reaching a magnitude of 4.8. This event marks the largest seismic occurrence since the onset of activity.

The uplift at the GNSS station on Mt. Þorbjörn, previously noted at 7 cm (2.7 inches) over 10 days, has shown a further increase. Since the last reported measurement, the land surface has continued to rise, at a rate that is being analyzed for potential volcanic activity.

The magma or magmatic fluid inflow rate into this subsurface feature was previously estimated at about 7 m³/s, which was four times greater than rates observed during the previous four events which took place between 2020 and 2022.

interferogram reykjanes meninsula iceland october 28 - november 6 2023
Interferogram (InSAR) shows deformation of around 7 cm in less than a month [IMO, ICEYE]
reykjanes peninsula earthquakes october 25 - november 9 2023 zoomed
Seismic swarm.

The IMO, in concert with the Civil Protection Agency, continues to monitor and assess the situation.

Their efforts aim to detect early signals of magma ascent, which would be characterized by increased shallow seismic activity, rapid surface deformation, and signs of volcanic tremor.

Authorities maintain a high level of readiness to respond to any swift changes in volcanic behavior.

The Blue Lagoon, located on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula, which sees an estimated 700,000 tourists and visitors each year, has temporarily closed its spas over volcanic eruption concerns. 

“Blue Lagoon has proactively chosen to temporarily suspend operations for one week,” the resort posted on its website. 

Blue Lagoon Thermal Area in Iceland [Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket]

What Percentage Of Online Climate Alarmists Are Actually AI Bots?

As pointed out by climate researcher Linnea Lueken on, it appears that “AI bots” are now posting false comments on climate change-related articles online.

In a Fox News post about glaciers in Chile, there are a string of pro-climate alarm comments that ring suspiciously similar.

They are polite, writes Lueken, start with either a personal anecdote or cited an “expert,” explaining how climate change is allegedly affecting the world, and end with an exclamation about how they can understand, given the above facts, why it’s important to “address” or “do something” about climate change.

It is odd that LisaTurner738 crow-barred in “food security” under an article about glaciers.

Well done Brandon — at least you mentioned glaciers in the article about glaciers.

Lueken continues, noting that this tempered phraseology would make for “a refreshing change of pace from the usual tone of alarmist commentary, except if you are a human being with a functioning brain, with pattern recognition and who can pass Captcha tests (FOX News’ website requires no captcha to make an account and post comments) then you will have noted something suspicious: Hey, isn’t the structure of these awfully similar?

Lueken’s well-honed inner bot detector was souding off by the second comment.

“Most bots on Twitter are trying to sell some digital coin scam or pornography or use ChatGPT to make a low-effort gimmick Twitter account. These AI ‘Climate bots’, on the other hand, are selling a narrative” — like ‘charlesvanderbilt’:

Charles goes on to give a unrelated comment about Just Stop Oil (shown below).

Charles also has one solitary post on Reddit’s r/ClimateOffensive, a comment which just so happens to contain the exact same wording as another comment on the Fox glacier article made by an “Edward Witmore”.

Charles and one “Ryan White” also posted on this article, here, about how they can see the “urgent need to address climate change.” Reddit’s r/climateskeptics also has a few posts by these bots.

Hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown at any project –associated with universities or otherwise–  with the key phrase “climate change” attached, including projects that focus on “communication”–i.e., propaganda.

“Checkbook journalism” is increasingly the reason why you see so many articles about climate change flooding your feed, as organizations like the Associated Press accepted millions of dollars from groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to expand climate coverage.

Government agencies have held seminars on how to “break and fix audience mental models” regarding climate change, and thanks to testimony by Michael Shellenberger we already know that government and corporate collaboration has been used to stifle dissent on social media.

AI bots are a logical step for a controlling elite, they can help shape reality. Most people are sheep, COVID proved this, and if TPTB can fabricate a digital uniformity –online being where most people now reside– then they will be able to lead folk anywhere and into believing anything: real people will follow the AI bots off the proverbial cliff and straight into 15-minute cities.


I have been working on an off-grid resource for those looking to escape mainstream living.

Escape.Farm is a website documenting what we (as a family) have learned during our 5-or-so years growing our own food and harnessing our own energy in rural Portugal.

From growing potatoes, to raising goats, from building a solar array, to homemade recipes, the website aims to be a one-stop shop for escaping the system and thriving without the mollycoddling grip of the establishment and every dirty demand it expects in return for a little convenience.

I am launching the site earlier than planned, due to the recent hit on (during which Google stripped me of my ability to run adverts), but three new articles will be added each week so be sure to sign up for weekly post notifications.

As always, thank you for your support.

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