East Asia Freezes: -40C Hits Russia, As Heavy Snow Impacts Majority Of Mongolia

-40C Hits Russia

Following yesterday’s report that 90% of Russia is blanketed in snow, low temperatures are also proving early and pervasive.

“The Russian winter is taking its course,” reports gismeteo.ru.

 As early as October 11 Russia posted its first -20C (-4F) of the season, and by October 17 endured its first -30C (-22F).

And now the continental cold has reached a new benchmark: -40C (-40F).

Last weekend, in the Tuguro-Chumikansky district of the Khabarovsk Territory, the mercury crashed to -40C. This weather is considered “very cold” even in the depths of winter let alone in early-November, even by Russia’s standards.

The cold wasn’t a one-hit-wonder, either; on November 7 the Tomponsky ulus of Yakutia also posted -40C readings:


According to Gismeteo, these “purple” frosts are not going anywhere.

Instead, they are forecast to intensify and spread into new territories in the coming days.

Heavy Snow Impacting Majority Of Mongolia

Following heavy snowfall across East Asia –which saw record blizzards pound northern China— some 60% of Mongolia’s 1.6 million km2 territory is now ‘white’, said the National Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday.

Blizzards and bone-chilling lows are responsible for killing at least eight herders, including one male, six females, and, most tragically, a 12-year-old boy hailing from the central province of Tuv, who, as reported by wenews.pk, lost his life helping his family tend to their herds amidst the fierce snowstorms.

Hundreds of livestock also perished during the early-season freeze.

“Around 60 of the country’s territory has so far been covered by snow. Our country is expected to experience a harsh winter,” the agency said in a statement.

‘Another’ harsh winter, that should read.

The past few cold seasons have proved increasingly brutal across the rugged expanses of Mongolia, culminating in the deadly winter of 2022-23 which left herder families without livestock and so facing severe food shortages, warned Save the Children.

Even into May, 13 of Mongolia’s 21 provinces were suffering a ‘dzud’ — a natural phenomenon unique to Mongolia where heavy snow and extreme cold result in insufficient grazing pastures for livestock.

Between 1940 and 2015 official “dzud declarations” where made twice a decade. In recent years however, dzuds have increased in frequency with occurrences now happening annually.

This year, temperatures below -40C (-40F) were an all-too regular feature, readings which resulted in the untimely deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals due to either starvation or freezing. This, in turn, has affected the livelihoods of some 200,000 Mongolian households who make an income from herding goats, sheep, cattle, horses, yaks and camels.

Like the increasing ‘cold waves’ in India, the AGW Party doesn’t have an answer for this, only the boilerplate: “climate crisis.”

According to the propaganda, “Climate experts say the frequency and severity of dzuds is increasing and this can be attributed to the climate crisis. … Temperatures in Mongolia are rising twice as fast as the global average,” continues the spiel, blindly contradicting itself, “with temperatures warming over 2C between 1940 and 2015.”

Propaganda: everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else.

Delgerbat is a herder in western Mongolia. He recently had to take his son out of school to help him care for the family’s livestock.

“The climate is very different from when I was a child,” said Delgerbat.

“When I was young the snow would have melted by this time and it would already be spring, but now spring comes so late.”

Once upon a time, ‘global warming’ meant rising temperatures and decreasing snowpack, globally — it was simple to understand because it used to play, at least logically. But not anymore. Now, with real-world observations failing to play ball, the theory has shifted so as to be definitively proven by every gust of wind and rain event — even Mongolian dzuds extending long into spring.

The CAGW theory is unchallengeable, it is heresy to question it. I should know. The establishment barred me from advertising on my website last week, professing I am making “harmful and unreliable claims.” Nobody, even if you disagree with my points, should support blatant establishment censorship. Differing opinions are what drive humanity forward. Speech protects freedom.

Plus I’m right. The snow is piling up across the Northern Hemisphere this year (as it has done for the past 7-or-so years), well-above the 1982-2012 average and well-against all global warming proclamations:


Raw data/facts can’t be “harmful and unreliable,” but they can, to a controlling elite, be “frustrating and inconvenient,” I’m sure.

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