Millions Of Aussies To Be Hit By “Brutal Cold Snap”; Wavy Jet Streams Have ‘Experts’ Puzzled; Yosemite Glaciers Post Record Snowfall; Models Corn Belt Warming Fail; + Climate Clock

Millions Of Aussies To Be Hit By “Brutal Cold Snap”

Over the weekend, temperatures across many Aussie states plummeted 15C below average. Thick cloud cover curbed daytime highs, resulting in record cold across the continent–particularly in the eastern states of Queensland and NSW.

Aussies are enduring a cold and wet start to July, with forecasts calling for an intensification as the month progresses: “a massive and unprecedented drop in temperatures,” is how reports it.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Sarah Scully –predictably– focuses on the accompanying rains, reluctant to touch the cold. But she does admit this: “Temperatures in parts will be up to 16C below the June average”–meaning additional records will likely fall, “for instance on Saturday there may be single digit maximums through parts of southern NT, an 8C maximum for Alice Springs.”

Speaking to Queensland, Scully said “well below average” temperatures are forecast here.

And with regards to Victoria, a “good accumulation of snow” will sweep the snowfields over the coming weekend.

And finally, Canberra is expecting frosty mornings with freezing lows, which will rival the historic benchmark posted last week when the capital city endured its coldest June temperature since 1986 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Monday, July 3 [].

As they do for EVERY season, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology officially called for a ‘warmer-than-average’ winter of 2023, and as almost ALWAYS turns out to be the case, real-world observations are leaving the agenda-driving agency with egg on its face.

Australia continues to cool.

Wavy Jet Streams Have ‘Experts’ Puzzled

The currents of air that wrap around our planet are becoming unrecognizable to climate scientists. Not because they’re particularly perplexing, but because modern researchers are largely funded to ignore the obvious, the inconvenient.

The current fragmentation is apparently unlike anything specialists have seen before.

“When I look at this jet stream the word insane comes to mind,” tweeted Jeff Berardelli, chief meteorologist at a local Florida news station. “This configuration, likely enhanced by climate heating [-zero evidence supplied-], is fueling a record heat dome so extreme that even experts are astonished!”, he continued.

King of the climate hustlers Michael E Mann was quick to reply, I’m sure keen to ride Berardelli’s fear-mongering.

Mann states that he’s rarely seen “such a disjointed configuration” and that he’s “at a loss to even characterize the current large-scale planetary wave pattern … Frankly, they look like a Van Gogh,” he tweeted, with the accompanying image:

Despite the confusion of Mann, which I have to attribute to acting (he can’t be that blind — Berardelli I’m not so sure about), for decades+ now the scientific literature has confidently assigned increasing wavy jet stream flows to low solar activity.

The papers are all out there, peer-reviewed and easily accessible. And the latest two solar cycles (24 and 25) are proving to be the weakest for some 200+ years, since the Dalton Minimum (≈ 1790 to 1830).

This latest attempt by the AGW Party, led by prominent members such as Mann, looks to be yet another sly attempt to jam ‘square pegs’ (real-world observations) into a ’round holes’ (their anthropogenic global warming theory).

We’ve seen the Party perform such trickery with snowfall, which was originally prophesied to decrease (and ultimately vanish) but is now increasing; and also with record low temperatures, which are now “expected to increase with global warming”…?

Climate change (i.e. increasing CO2 emissions) can now cause all things, it seems, meaning the hypothesis is unchallengeable.

The upshot?

Human prosperity (which goes hand-in-hand with our access to cheap and reliable energy) is doomed.

This is exactly what they seek, of course — we’re not naive. And they’ve left us realists in an impossible position: How to do you challenge the unchallengeable? Data and logic can’t cut through dogma — and besides, data and logic rarely make it to the masses in the first place given the Party’s stranglehold on mainstream media outlets. Everything is “heat” and “wildfires” and “melt” and “sea-level rise”. The masses aren’t privy to the full picture, and so are unable to draw reasonable conclusions. They have been propagandized, of course. And other that continuing the running of this website, I am at a genuine loss of what to do.

Our hard, multi-century earned prosperity is being demolished — and for nothing; that is, other that for the elites to restructure it in a way that favors them. The Ukraine is an apt example of this. The U.S. swash-buckled their way in their, orchestrated its tearing down, and have now awarded Blackrock a hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars contract to rebuild it in their image, no doubt, with their best interests at heart (news I challenge you to try and find on Google).

Wavy (aka ‘meridional’) jet streams are not a sigh of global warming, and despite a bit of theorizing the AGW Party don’t even have an agreed upon explanation as to how it could be. They’re merely saying it, but once said by an ‘expert’ and repeated enough times by legacy media outlets it becomes gospel and to question it is heresy punishable by censorship.

‘Free’ scientists have for more than a century been discussing wavy streams and their link to low solar activity, while the AGW Party, in recent decades, has purposely steered clear of them, likely figuring –rightly so– that they’d muddy their messaging.

However, now that wavy jet streams are now unavoidably here and here to stay, the establishment has little choice but to address them — and lo-and-behold, it turns out the phenomenon was tied to carbon dioxide emissions all along. Funny that.

Yosemite Glaciers Post Record Snowfall

Glaciers in Yosemite National Park are hanging on into summer, thanks to heavy, record-breaking snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range last winter. Excavators and snow blowers are still plowing Tioga Pass Road in Yosemite, five weeks later than its average opening date of May 25.

Back-to-back winter storms left more than 15 feet of snow on the ground, breaking all-time records — a story not confined to Yosemite, of course: the entire Western U.S. endured its snowiest winter in documented history.

Contrary to AGW Party proclamations, winter 2022-23 was buffeted by record cold temperatures and brutal snowstorm after brutal snowstorm, triggering whiteouts, hurricane-force wind gusts and avalanches. Residents are still reckoning with collapsed roofs, broken windows and fallen trees.

But on the plus side, all that cold and snow is now resulting in summer skiing.

“Best day ever,” said Colbalt skier Patty Robbins on Saturday, her 197th day of skiing during a record-breaking snow season. “This has been a fabulous year,” she added atop Palisades Tahoe’s tallest peak, still graced by 12 feet of snow.

After an estimated 60 feet of powder this season, the Alpine Meadow’s lifts will finally grind to a halt 2 PM on July 4, though not due of lack of snow, but rather because of other practical concerns, such as short staffing and maintenance.

Nearby Mammoth plans to stay open until July 30, perhaps longer. Olympic Valley, similarly: “Nine months of skiing. A season to remember. It’s been quite the run,” said Squaw Valley skier, Andrew Hays. While across U.S. resorts, traditional summer activities, such as hiking and backpacking, are on hold due to the deep snow…

Every footstep sinks into a deep snowy ‘post hole,’ causing muscles to burn like Sriracha sauce, reports On a recent hiking trip to Yosemite’s Gaylor Lake, “we had to traverse some of the most widespread and deep ‘sun cups’ I have ever encountered in my over 30 years in the Sierra,” said Beth Pratt, director of the California Regional Center of the National Wildlife Federation:

As discussed in the previous section, exceptional and long-lingering U.S. snowpack isn’t deemed newsworthy by the establishment’s bought-and-paid-for legacy media outlets; a Texas heatwave, on the other hand — that’s cLiMaTe ChAnGe.

Models Corn Belt Warming Fail

For the last decade former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer has been providing long-range U.S. Corn Belt forecasts to a company that monitors and forecasts global grain production and market forces. Dr. Spencer’s continuing theme has been, “don’t believe gloom and doom forecasts for the future of the U.S. Corn Belt”.

Official climate models, those promoted by the IPCC and the like, routinely overestimate warming compared to observations. This is a fact. And depending upon the region and metrics involved, these overestimates can get pretty wild.

However, nowhere is the discrepancy between modelling and reality more dramatic than in the U.S. Corn Belt.

Below is a chart showing the 50-year area-averaged temperature trend (1973-2022) for the 12-state corn belt. The blue bar is NOAA’s observed temperature change, while the 36 remaining red bars depict different CMIP6 climate model projections:

“This kind of sanity check is needed because efforts to change U.S. energy policy are based upon climate model predictions, which are often wildly out of line with observed history,” writes Dr. Spencer.

“This is why environmentalists emphasize models (which can show dramatic change) over actual observations (which are usually unremarkable),” he rightly concludes.

Climate Clock

Speaking of environmentalist delusions, I’ll end with this absurdity…

The AGW Party haven’t learned their lessons, and continue to put deadlines on the end of the world:

‘King Climate Cock’

Reject the insanity.

Don’t let this mix of evil and stupidity strip us of the abundance that our ancestors struggled so greatly to achieve.

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