Exceptional Cold Grips Australia; New York Post Pours Cold Water On Heat Wave Fear-mongering; + It’s All A Scam

Exceptional Cold Grips Australia

A powerful cold front is sweeping swathes of Australia, particularly the southeastern, felling records.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued ‘severe weather warnings’ for for parts of Victoria and Tasmania on Thursday, as the cold front combines with a high pressure system to deliver strong, biting winds.

Temperatures plunged to some exceptionally low levels Thursday morning, to sub -10C (14F) in some spots of northern NSW.

Glen Innes, for example, in the Northern Tablelands, hit -10.8C (12.6F) — Australia’s coldest temperature outside of the Alps since 2019.

Further south, Bombala in the NSW Bega Valley and Goulburn, south of Sydney, both recorded astonishing readings of -8.1C (17.4F) — the town’s coldest temperatures in years.

And elsewhere, remarkable minimums also swept Merriwa (-6.1C/21F), Scone AP (-5.5C/22.1F), Mangrove Mountain (-1C/30.2F), and Moss Vale (-5.7C/21.7F).

The Alpine regions were colder, naturally, and are expected to get another dumping of snow this weekend.

Sunday is also expected to deliver starker and more wide-reaching cold to the Aussie continent, as per the latest GFS run:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) July 23 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And then again next week, ‘blues’ will continue to be the dominant color:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Aug 3 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Australia continues to cool.

The data are crystal clear on that.

Don’t be a climate denier.

New York Post Pours Cold Water On Heat Wave Fear-mongering

“A heat wave this week in the Northern Hemisphere has set off the ‘climate crisis’ cabal telling us that the end is nigh unless we hand over our car keys to Al Gore and John Kerry,” reads the opening lines of a recent New York Post article.

The dutiful MSM is busy milking the summer of 2023 for all it’s worth, but many, including the NY Post, aren’t buying it: “A closer look at the data,” they write, “shows that most of these headlines are false or grossly misleading.”

Look no further than Paul Krugman’s latest New York Times column, “Why We Should Politicize the Weather.”

For the most part, temperatures this month are falling short of records set many many decades ago, long-before the climate emergency is said to have commenced.

Joliet, Illinois, for example, was reported to have reached 113F degrees in July 1887, with Chicago at 106F on the same day. While in 1928, Lake Balaton, Hungary, reported a high of 131F, with Budapest recording 116F.

The majority of record high temperatures in the United States date back to the 1930s — this remains the fact, Jack. While the all-time U.S. high temperature record, set in 1913 in Death Valley, still holds at 134F. This week touched 128F in Death Valley.

There is no indication of a dramatic breakout from the long-term historical trend, despite mainstream propagandizing to the contrary. This is a sick, twisted game that the establishment is playing: You moderate humanity’s hard-earned prosperity, via its access to cheap and reliable energy, and you own them, plain and simple.

“There is no one alive today with personal experience of these long-ago record temps, and thus we lack perspective and are easy prey for politicized climate claims,” points out the New York Post. “Likewise claims that the last month was the world’s ‘hottest on record‘ omit that our reliable average global temperature record only goes back 44 years.”

But the publication goes further, delving even deeper into the mukry depths of climate denial: “The Science is constantly “adjusting” the “official” global temperature record as new data sets are generated and computer models are refined … with recent revisions conveniently supporting the latest ‘climate crisis’ narrative.”

“Several of these adjusted records now report that the Earth was cooler than previously thought between 1970 and 2003, this making the temperature trend from 2003 to the present seem more ominous. But after our experience with how politicized public health “experts” lied to us about so many aspects of COVID, does anyone trust the rigidly conformist climate science community when it “revises” the official temperature record that supports the politicized panic of the climate campaign?”

Those at the NY Post are awakening it seems.

Better late than never.

They finish with this:

Somehow record-breaking winter cold never makes headlines like summer heatwaves … “why not?”

It’s All A Scam

The MSM is only interested in the heat. They are ‘king of the cherry-pickers’ — a charge they often throw at ‘deniers’.

Temperature anomalies around the word this week expose their dirty tricks and obfuscations…

Guess which region of America the media has you focusing on:

Same with Europe:

And Asia:

To the alarmist suckered in by the manufactured fear dispensed on a daily basis by the MSM–lapdogs of the establishment–it is YOU, knowingly or not, that are anti-human. It is YOU that have been propagandized to the point of being unthinking sacks of meat and bones blindly spouting your wholly inorganic opinion. Would you know of a ‘climate emergency’ if CNN didn’t ‘inform’ you of one. No. Honest to God, you would not. Summers continue to be hot, winters continue to be cold. The trend is in tact.

All you are doing is assisting the establishment in its totalitarian bent. You are pawn. You’ve been duped into believing the planet needs saving, into fearing the end is nigh; you’ll willingly disrupt the peace by tossing orange paint on a historical statue, but you’ll draw the line at objectively assessing the data being presented to you.

When has a controlling power ever, and I mean EVER had the best interests of its people at heart? When have they not said or done anything, no matter how low, cold or murderous to keep/extend its grip on power. This time is no different.

And note that is ONLY today’s controlling elites that are pushing the ‘catastrophic global warming’ narrative–via its MSM, as already discussed, and also via the corrupted billionaire mouthpieces it has on staff: Bill Gates et. al. The people, on the other hand, ARE NOT BUYING IT — go look at any online comment section. We aren’t buying it because we don’t see, and we don’t see it because it doesn’t exist.

If we actually live in a democracy as is claimed –ha!– then via the free marketplace of ideas CAGW lost the vote, it isn’t considered an issue, and now the losers should graciously accept defeat and step aside.

Wake up and smell the flagrant already, alarmists. Back down and let the rest of us live free without having to constantly hear of your depressing, apocalyptic, yet completely inorganic and baseless world view.

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