NASA’s “Smoking Gun” Of Climate Fraud

NASA have cooled the past so as to create a fake modern warming trend that correlates almost-perfectly with rising atmospheric CO2 levels. Below is the PROOF (research courtesy of Tony Heller).

Back in 1974, at the height of the global cooling concerns, the National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR) generated this graph of Earth’s average temperature change:

Clearly visible in the graph is, 1) the large spike in temps during the 1940’s, 2) the subsequent rapid cooling to 1970, and 3) the overall cooling from 1900 to 1970.

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences published a very similar graph for Northern hemisphere temperatures which supports the three conclusions of the NCAR graph:

However, by 1981 the graph had started to tilt to the left:

The temperature in 1970 was suddenly now 0.1C warmer than in 1900.

Unsurprisingly, this change coincided with NASA “Climate Prophet” James Hansen’s interest in demonstrating a CO2-driven warming trend:

NASA had just committed climate fraud, and they got away with it.

Spurred-on by the complete lack of scrutiny, NASA, saddled with the task of proving the politicized global warming theory, brazenly continued cooling the past so as to exaggerate their already exaggerated warming trend.

Serving as an example of this, the next graph shows how their 1880-2000 global warming trend has been overstated again (doubled, in fact) since 2001–again, simply by cooling the past:

NASA obtains its global temperature data from NOAA’s GHCN (Global Historical Climatology Network), but data is missing for about half of the Earth’s surface, including most of Africa, Antarctica, and Greenland.

That missing data is filled-in with computer modeled readings, meaning that 50% of the global temperature data used by NOAA and NASA is fake.

Furthermore, the only places with what could be considered good coverage are North America and Western Europe — and, rather tellingly, it is these areas starting to show a GSM-induced cooling trend.

Since 2016, and according to NOAA’s own data, North America has cooled at a rate of 0.93C per decade.

This is a sizable drop, and one more than 13 times the ‘official’ average rate of increase since 1880: “The global annual temperature has increased at an avg. rate of 0.07C (0.13F) per decade since 1880” — NOAA’s Jan 2020 report.

And here is the smoking gun of NASA/NOAA climate fraud…

The global “adjustments” being made correlate nigh-on perfectly with the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. In other words, the data are being manipulated in order to prove their greenhouse gas global warming theory:

This isn’t science, this is a criminal act, the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

Moreover, this evil is compounded by the fact that the exact opposite climatic reality is looming. The COLD TIMES are returning, which, unlike fruitful times of warmth, have ALWAYS delivered untold suffering to humanity via crop losses, famine, and the collapse of empires.

Earth’s climate is cyclic, never linear — the COLD TIMES are returning as decided by the Sun.

This article was originally posted Aug 9, 2020 on the now censored

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