Coldest Fourth Of Julys Ever Up North; Moose Jaw Breaks 105-Year-Old Low Temperature Record; Below-Average June For Eastern Europe; + Journalists Instructed To Attribute “Any Extreme Heat To Human Caused Climate Change”

Coldest Fourth Of Julys Ever Up North

Wavy jet streams have been in the news recently with the AGW Party desperately attempting to fit them into their global warming hypothesis despite the scientific literature for a century+ attributing them to low solar activity–such as we’re seeing now with the past two solar cycles (24 and the ongoing 25) destined to be the weakest for at least 200-years.

Wavy, aka ‘meridional’ jet stream flows have been dominating our planet’s weather of late.

In the Northern Hemisphere, they have been dragging Tropical warmth unusually-far north (into Texas, for example), and, conversely, have been routinely pulling Polar cold atypically-far south (into the likes of Wyoming).

On such cold Arctic front was funneled down from Canada late Monday, and was responsible for breaking a string of Fourth of July low temperature benchmarks across the north/northwest–including Wyoming.

Joshua Rowe, NWS meteorologist based in the WY city of Riverton, said the front lead to several records for lowest-highs being set: Riverton Airport, for example, struggled to just 61F (16.1C) on Tuesday — a new Fourth of July record; while Lander Airport topped out at only 58F (14.4C) — also a new record-low high for the date.

But the records weren’t just confined to the Cowboy State, with daily low temperature benchmarks, as well as a handful of monthly records, also felled across the likes of Montana, North and South Dakota, and also Nebraska.

Moose Jaw Breaks 105-Year-Old Low Temperature Record

Cold benchmarks have been falling above the border, too, including in the southern Saskatchewan city of Moose Jaw.

Between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 AM Wednesday morning, Moose Jaw officially logged a low of 2.9C (37.2F). This was enough to bust the previous record for the date — the 3.3C set way back in 1918. This is an exceptional feat, particularity when taking account that the third and fourth closest marks read 5C, set in 1915 and 1956, respectively.

Wednesday low was likely even colder, so says Environment Canada Meteorologist, Danielle Desjardins: “I’m seeing some preliminary data that it actually got down to 2.2C (36F), we will know more once all the data comes in. Either way with the 2.9C you still set a record, but it might be a little bit more of a record at 2.2C.”

This is of course extremely cold for the time of year, historically so.

July in Moose Jaw averages a high of 26.1C (79F) and a low of 12.3C (54.1F).

Now, picture the furor has this been a record high temperature that was slain — such as we saw in Texas recentl (heat that has now log subsided, by the way). The MSM’s warm-mongering bias continues to be on full show, for those willing to see it.

Below-Average June For Eastern Europe

The AGW Party are unashamed heat-chasers, relaying only warm weather stories to their chronically ill-informed readers. That’s why we haven’t heard much re. Europe of late — it’s been holding inconveniently cool across the continent.

From the West to the East, from the North to the South, ‘blues’ are the dominating feature and they are making for a very chilly first week of July; and unfortunately for The Party, an intensification of looks to be on the cards as the month progresses.

Beginning with June: While the UK Met Office claims last month was Britain’s hottest June ever –which is most certainly was not (see here)– eastern nations were busy notching anomalously-nippy, and so un-newsworthy, months.

June 2023 in Romania, for example, finished colder than the multidecadal average, with anomalies of below -1C noted, particularly in the southwest:

[Meteo Romania]

And likewise in Bulgaria, June was colder than average, most notably in the West:

[Meteo Bulgaria]

Now July is upon us, and much of the continent is enduring a similar fate:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) July 3 [].

Provisionally to the 5th, England is experiencing a July a full -1C below the cool 1961-1990 average still used by the Met Office.

This puts the month’s average, admittedly in these early stages, at just 14.9C (58.8F) which, in turn, puts July 2023 within the top 50 coolest Julys ever in CET record books extending back to 1659, and sees it match those of 1743, 1790, 1839, 1853 and 1867.

Looking ahead, the UK isn’t expected to warm-up anytime soon, either; and despite a brief burst of heat across central regions this weekend, mainland Europe won’t either, particularly across the east:

Brief burst of warmth in the West, very cool in the east.
GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) July 10 [].
The cold is forecast to win out as the month progresses.
GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) July 10 [].

Don’t expect to hear anything much out of Europe until at least August, when maybe another heatwave will ensue and draw those duping legacy media ‘journalists’ back out of the Hamelin cave, Zauberflötes in hand. Let’s see what happens.

Journalists Instructed To Attribute “Any Extreme Heat To Human Caused Climate Change”

The below article was originally posted on the now demonetized (2022)…

Journalists are being handed a guide instructing them on how to properly report on extreme weather and climate change. The guide blatantly seeks to limit investigative endeavors and instead promote a single, universal take on the topic.

This World Weather Attribution initiative is supported by the University of Oxford and Imperial College London (the latter should ring a bell to those in the UK, with Imperial College now synonymous with doom-and-gloom –and woefully inaccurate– COVID-19 modelling), and its guide is intended to help journalists navigate this key question: ‘Was this event caused by climate change?’

“First, it introduces the science of ‘extreme event attribution’ — the method of attributing (or not) the degree to which the weather event was influenced by climate change,” reads the guide’s introduction.

“Second, it lays out the statements that can reliably be made about some of the extreme weather types of greatest public interest, even when no specific scientific study is being performed. This is based on current state-of-the-art knowledge using studies of recent extreme events and the latest IPCC report.

“And further down, it provides an easy-to-read checklist for each type of extreme weather event.”

Clearly, this guide is antithetical to true journalism. It reads more like a ‘1984 boot camp’ seeking to restrict a journalist’s curiosity and ability to ‘dig’, which will, ultimately, render the profession obsolete. Forwarding their global warming agenda is clearly the aim here, but said agenda would be just as well served with automated bots programmed to assign any gust of wind or passing cloud to ‘the climate emergency–which is basically what they’re getting. They want journalism, by its definition, dead.

Every heatwave in the world is now made stronger and more likely to happen because of human-caused climate change,” continues the guide; “journalists should be confident of attributing any extreme heat to human caused climate change.”


We are watching the assembling and setting in motion of a state propaganda wheel in real time.

It’s scary, to be honest.

The guide stumbles on numerous occasions, unsurprisingly. In fact, almost every other paragraph is a slap in the face to honest scientific inquiry. It does, however, succeed in firing-up my Electroverse belly, particularly this next line: “Every instance of extreme cold across the world has decreased in likelihood and intensity due to climate change.”


No it hasn’t.

This is why I’ve taken the approach I have. By proving global cold extremes are not decreasing (I’m actually finding the opposite to be the case) the entire AGW narrative should fall apart. However, with their strangled hold on truth, via a bought/brainwashed MSM, even increasingly numerous and intense polar outbreaks have somehow been twisted so as to be evidence of global warming.

–The definition of ‘doublethink’.

Below I’ve embedded The Guide’s ‘easy-to-read checklist for each type of weather event’:

Any journalist adhering this propaganda pamphlet does not deserve the title.

YOU are merely an arm of a corrupt, totalitarian, control-seeking power hellbent on stifling scientific debate so as to force through their destructive plan; a plan the world is already well and truly suffering from, from which there is no short term escape.

History will not forget YOU useful idiots; that is, so long as folk like me have a hand in its writing.

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