Deadly Avalanches In Europe; Cold Februaries For Dominica And Barbados; Brits In The Cold And Dark Due To Soaring Energy Prices–As Gov Seeks To *Further* Extend Life Of Aging Coal Power Plants

Deadly Avalanches In Europe

Following the impressive European snows, avalanches are hitting.

Earlier this week, a 28-year-old Dutch skier was killed near the ski resort of Nendaz, Switzerland. 

The victim had been skiing off-piste with two friends on in an area known among Freeriders as ‘Stairway to Heaven’ when the avalanche was triggered. His friends located the man, dug him out, and contacted search and rescue, which tried resuscitation, to no avail.

On Wednesday, a separate, massive avalanche hit near the Col de Gentianes, also Nendaz. 

The 1,300 feet wide slip led to an extensive search and rescue effort involving eight rescue helicopters and several search dogs. Ten skiers were caught up in the avalanche, but all were able to free themselves — all but one; tragically, the extended search and rescue efforts found a Russian skier, aged 58, for whom help came too late.

Stairway to heaven
Wednesday’s fatal avalanche in the Swiss Alps.

The avalanche danger in the Swiss Alps, at Level 4 (of 5) in many parts: “The situation remains tense and dangerous; be very careful,” wrote the Institute for the Study of Snow and Avalanches (WSL) on Twitter.

Cold Februaries For Dominica And Barbados

The Caribbean has been holding anomalously cool for months now, and February proved no different.

Last month, Dominica, a mountainous Caribbean island nation with natural hot springs and tropical rainforests, closed with an average temperature of 25.15C, which is 0.35C below the multidecadal norm.

Likewise in Barbados, February 2023 had an average temperature of 25.8C, which is 0.3C below norm.

Brits In The Cold And Dark Due To Soaring Energy Prices…

New research reveals that more than half of people living in Scotland are spending their time in the cold and dark for fear of rising household bills during the ongoing ‘cost of living crisis’.

The report found that 51% of people across the country are having to keep lights and heating switched off, despite the recent sharp drop in temperatures, in a bid to save money.

With some 64% of Generation Z who work from home having to do so in the cold, with the lights off, while those aged 65 and over the most concerned about the energy issues, highlighting the cross-generational impact the crisis is causing.

Gas and electricity bills have soared over recent months and the UK government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme is set to end at the end of March, putting further pressure on households.

Commenting on the findings, Steve Mariner, Group Sales & Marketing Director at Barratt Developments, said: “The cost of living crisis is continuing to affect people across the country. It’s worrying to hear of people living in the cold and dark to save money on bills.”

Separate research on 2,000 Brits found that there has been a rise in consumers returning to the things that their grandparents did to save money on utility bills, such as bringing back thermals and draft excluders: 58% of respondents said they are wearing thermal tops and bottoms to avoid putting on the heating, with many turning-off radiators in under-used rooms (57%), buying draft excluders (40%) for the bottom of doors, and others putting up heavy curtains over doors and windows (41%).

This is the once prosperous United Kingdom, bowing to the anti-human climate mob and suffering the consequences.

As Gov Seeks To *Further* Extend Life Of Aging Coal Power Plants

Britons, as well as citizens across much of the developed world, are seeing their living standards plunge due to irrational concerns of a collapsing climate/ecosystem due to ‘too much human prosperity’ (i.e. CO2 emissions).

Fears of the end of the world have been pounced upon and milked by a blood-thirsty cabal of power-hungry totalitarians; pure evil hellbent on the pursuit of unhappiness and globalization, with which comes a demotion of the middle class to the status of proles.

Using the UK again as the example, the country has completely lost its way and the plot.

From COVID to the climate, people have shown themselves to be vacuous, unquestioning husks of human begins, blindly compliant sheep that have bought The Narrative hook line and sinker without the processing of a single critical thought.

They follow the script handed down by the globalists, which is fed to them by a puppet regime and its MSM lapdogs — a government now under increasing pressure to balance both the wills of its masters and quell dissent among its citizenry.

Case in point: To avoid disaster next winter, the UK National Grid is seeking to keep its aging coal power plants on standby for another year. This is in order to ensure sufficient electricity supplies as current renewable technology continues to prove ‘net zero’ nothing but a suicidal, peasant-bashing pipe dream.

This, at least, is the aim of the National Grid; however, the plants’ operators, EDF and Drax, said they are unlikely to be able to meet the request.

Britain has set itself a target to close its coal-fired power plants by October 2024, but EDF and Drax brought that deadline forward to Sept 2022. The UK government worked a deal to keep the plants open for the 2022-23, and it was a good job they did, as during an anomalous freeze in early March the plants were called upon to support the country’s high heating demand.

The UK now wants these plants to remain open for next winter (2023-24), but both EDF and Drax have poured cold water on this.

EDF is planning to close its two remaining coal units at the West Burton A plant on March 31, 2023, claiming in a statement, “There are a number of workforce and operational reasons that mean extending the life of West Burton A again is very challenging” (which sounds like pre-negotiation spiel in order to rip a weak, hapless government of more tax payer cash).

Drax, similarly, said its coal units will close at the end of March 2023 as planned: “With a number of certifications expiring on the coal-fired units, the units would not be able to operate compliantly for winter 2023,” Drax said in a statement.

Britain has a target of net zero by 2050. But net zero isn’t zero. When you boil it down, all ‘net zero’ means is that if you’re wealthy enough to offset your carbon emissions then you can continue doing whatever the hell you like, living as exuberantly as you fancy. This is how Bill Gates et al. justify their globe trotting adventures via private jet. And, as always, it will be us proles that suffer — the 99% will limit their already meager ‘carbon footprint’ in order sell the offset so as to afford necessities, like food.

This worsening ‘cost of living crisis’ is preparing people for a bleak future of lacking and, ultimately, poverty.

The UK is utterly doomed, but not by the hand of Russia or the existential threat that ‘catastrophic global warming’ is claimed to be; rather by its own hand, by its own weakness, gullibility, and pathetic placating to the globalist elites. And all it seems the sheeple are capable of doing, psychologically bludgeoned as they are, is stand idly by and meekly curtain twitch the shifting paradigm from their unheated, unlit homes.

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