Fukuoka, Japan Records Earliest Snow In 40 Years; Blizzards Kill 2 In Bulgaria; California Logs A Foot; Anchorage Breaks November Snowfall Record; + WaPo On Damage Limitation

Fukuoka, Japan Sees Earliest Snow Since In 40-Years

On Sunday, November 19, Fukuoka Prefecture, on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island, posted early snowfall.

The record cold and snow noted in Eastern Asia over the past few weeks –namely in Northeast China, Mongolia and Eastern Siberia– has since traversed the Sea of Japan to deliver the north of the country some exceptionally early flurries.

The city of Fukuoka has posted its earliest snow since November 1983, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency. And ooking ahead, there’s much more where that came from, and for the majority of Japan, too:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Nov 20 – Dec 6 [tropicaltidbits.com]

Blizzards Kill 2 In Bulgaria

Plunging temperatures, strong winds and heavy rain/snow hit large parts of Bulgaria on Sunday causing severe damage, disrupting power supplies, and claiming the lives of at least two people.

Eastern Bulgaria was hit hardest, with residents saying they had never before endured such extreme weather.

A state of emergency was declared in the Black Sea city of Varna, which saw torrential rains turn to heavy snow and blizzards.

Fallen trees and drifting snow blocked key roads.

The mayor’s office reported power disruptions in all boroughs of Varna, and called on residents to stay home.

A car is left on the road near town of Dobrich, Bulgaria, Sunday, Nov. 19 2023 [Bulgarian News Agency]

Varna police reported a woman died after being struck by a falling tree branch.

While in the capital city of Sofia, a man died Saturday after his car skidded into a fallen tree.

Policeman walks in front of a bus gone of the road near town of Dobrich, Bulgaria, Sunday, Nov. 19 2023 [Bulgarian News Agency]

Bulgarian meteorologists issued warnings for dangerous weather for most of the country’s east on Sunday, including for strong winds and blowing snow.

The polar front caused damage across the Black Sea, too, and into the likes of Turkey.

Here, AFAD (Turkey’s emergency agency) issued severe warnings for 72 of the country’s 81 provinces.

Turkish Airlines canceled hundreds of flights from Istanbul’s two airports on Sunday alone. And the heavy accumulating snow led to travel disruptions on the likes of the Istanbul-Ankara highway.

Away from Istanbul, snow depths exceeded 50cm (1.64ft) across the likes of Uludag.

The snow is spreading further east into the likes of Western/Central Asia, from Iraq to northern India.

See the latest GFS run below–and also note the impressive totals expected over central Russia (Siberia):

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Nov 20 – Dec 6 [tropicaltidbits.com]

California Logs A Foot

Heavy snow clipped California’s higher elevations over the weekend, with more than a foot accumulating on the mountains.

Along the California-Nevada border, an early winter storm brought a foot of snow to Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, another 7 inches to Mammoth Mountain ski base, and 4 inches to Palisades. Flakes also settled below 5,000ft (1,500m) at the NWS office in Reno.

A winter weather advisory was put in effect for the Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt Range as total snow accumulations surpassed 18 inches there.

“If you’re planning to travel into the Sierra, Tahoe Basin or Mono Lake, carry your winter travel kit and check the roads before you go,” warned NWS meteorologist Edan Lindaman.

This is a far cry from what California’s arm of the global warming cabal foretold would be occurring by now. Five years ago, on November 18, 2018, then Governor of California Jerry Brown prophesied that the coming climate disasters will convert even the worst skeptics within five years.

Brown, on the behest of his backers, claimed that ever-increasing temperatures would lead to more wildfires, droughts and hurricanes, and a decrease in snowfall. But Brown was wrong.

Starting with temperatures, below is a look at the U.S. Climate Reference Network for October 2023:

Regarding wildfires, they have been found to be decreasing:


No trend:

Hurricane data reveal no trend [more here]

And with regards to snowfall, well, all-time record-smashing snow was the story last season, when at least 20 Western U.S. ski resorts posted their snowiest years in recorded history…

…snow that is again commencing early this new season:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Nov 20 – Dec 6 [tropicaltidbits.com]

Brown’s agenda-driving calls for ‘mega-drought’ and ‘the end of snow’ have been proven backwards.

And to those catastrophists now dutifully switching to a ‘warming = increased snowfall’ line of thinking, you also need a re-group-think because the data aren’t showing an increase in precipitation (rain); the trend in SoCal, if anything, is actually down:

Anchorage Breaks November Snowfall Record

Anchorage, Alaska has set as new November snowfall record, breaking the 38.8 inches set in 1994.

The benchmark was busted on Friday, with snow that took this month’s totals to an unprecedented 39.1 inches:

Given that a third of the month remains, and that more snow is in the forecast, the record could approach 50 inches.

Anchorage has endured record-breaking snowstorms in recent weeks.

Some areas outside the city copped more than 2 feet in just two days earlier in the month.

Anchorage received 9 inches of snow in 24 hours on Nov 8, breaking the daily record of 7.3 inches set back in 1982. Another 8.2 inches then piled up Thursday, which also broke the daily record for Nov 9, the 7.1 inches which had stood since 1956. By late Thursday, Anchorage had a 21-inch snow depth — the city’s greatest-ever snow depth so early into a season.

And the snow kept falling.

For more on the surge in Alaska’s cold-related deaths, as well as the rare ‘ice windows’ that formed, click below:

WaPo On Damage limitation

2022 Nobel prize winner John Clauser is giving the AGW Party a real headache.

The Washington Post is the latest corporate media outlet charged with damage limitation: “He won a Nobel Prize. Then he started denying climate change,” reads their headline dated Nov 16.

John Clauser shared the Nobel in physics last year. Now he’s a self-described ‘denier’ of the overwhelming scientific consensus on a warming planet, writes activist-journalist Maxine Joselow.

It might have seemed like a fringe event except for one speaker’s credentials, continues Joselow, speaking to a climate conference held last week. John F. Clauser shared the Nobel Prize in physics last year before declaring Tuesday that “there is no climate crisis” — a claim that contradicts the overwhelming scientific consensus.

“There was overwhelming consensus that what I was doing was pointless [in the 1970s], Clauser said in an interview after the conference. “It took 50 years for my work to win the [Nobel] prize. That’s how long it takes for opinions to change.”

Joselow failed to recognize the point Clauser was making, opting to blindly politicize his stance instead.

Clauser bragged that he met privately with President Biden in the Oval Office last year, when the 2022 Nobel Prize winners were invited to the White House, goes Joselow’s hit piece. He said he criticized Biden’s climate and energy policies, to which he said the president replied: “Sounds like right-wing science.”

This is all the WaPo has to discredit Dr Clauser; that is, ‘Biden called his views right-wing’. But to start from the position that a scientific view differing from your own must be ideologically driven is the clearest sign of desperation.

The climate cabal are scraping the bottom of the barrel. It’s amusing to watch.

Joselow includes the views of NOAA’s Nadir Jeevanjee, who laments: “There is a skeptical streak in the physics community regarding climate science.” Huh. So, on the one hand you have the WaPo asserting that there is an ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the subject, while on the other they’re admitting that a ‘skeptical streak’ runs through the physics community.

What an admission.

I wonder how many paint-tossing alarmists were aware of that?

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