Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass 250 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average

Northern Hemisphere snow mass is enjoying a tremendous start to the season, aided in no small part by Russia.

Some 80% of transcontinental Russia’s 17.1 million km² land mass is currently under a blanket of snow:

This is driving total snow mass for the hemisphere (excluding the mountains) some 250 gigatons above the 1982-2012 average:


This is supported by NOAA/Rutgers, who see weekly NH snow cover extent approaching the ’57-year max’:

Global boiling proponents can spin it all they want, but this shouldn’t be the trend:

South America Snow Extent At Record-Breaking Levels

While we’re on the topic of snow, South America is worth a mention.

Extent there has fired above all previous years (since the multisensor snow/ice mapping system became operational in 2005):

Thanks to tremendous late-season accumulations across the likes of Patagonia.

The Powers That Be Are On To Me

Sorry to cut this one short, but that’ll be it for today — I’m investigating another hit on my website.

‘The powers’ have seemingly deemed it necessary to remove my advertising.

Google have sent me an email saying is guilty of spreading “harmful and unreliable claims”.

As you guys know, I report on low temperature records and increasing snowpack and use this as the backbone to counter the ‘climate crisis’ narrative. This isn’t harmful or unreliable, this is above the target, clearly, else why would they bother with me.

I’d be free to host a website devoted to the cloud-dwelling Flying Purple People Eater that is threatening to descend from on high and claim all of our souls. They wouldn’t take issue with that. Questioning an official agenda, however, now that’s “unreliable”.

Thank you for your continued support.

See you Monday.

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