One Of The Earliest Snowfalls Ever Recorded In Brazil; Historically Cold March For Guadeloupe; + At Least 19 U.S. Resorts Have Broken All-Time Snowpack Records This Year, With More To Come

One Of The Earliest Snowfalls Ever Recorded In Brazil

Last night, Brazil witnessed an early taste of winter.

Exceptionally-rare April snow hit the highlands of Santa Catarina do Sul at Bom Jardim da Serra (3280 ft asl).

According to meteorologists, “this is one of the earliest snowfalls ever recorded in Brazil”.

Temperatures have also crashed, with daytime highs across the Brazilian highlands holding below 10C (50F) — record-breaking.

Reports are currently thin on the ground where this news is concerned — more to come, soon…

Historically Cold March For Guadeloupe

The Caribbean has been holding unusually frigid for the past six-or-so months.

Guadeloupe, an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea, just suffered its third coolest March of the past 70 years.

While in nearby Martinique, located 150km to the south, March 2023 finished with an average temperature of 25.8C (78.4F), which is 0.2C below the baseline.

19 U.S. Resorts Have Broken All-Time Snowpack Records This Year, With More To Come

It’s been a flummoxing winter for AGW Party members to get their group-thinking heads around–and these folk are used to a little Doublethink, their religion demands it.

But whatever your angle or agenda, the winter of 2022-23 is most-certainly one to remember–if the Ministry of Truth doesn’t scrub it from the history books, that is–especially across the western United States.

The likes of California and Utah have posted truly monstrous totals, with at least 19 resorts raising their bars for what a snow season can deliver.

The southwest has experienced a particularly historic winter: record snowfall which, most recently, has triggered rare waterfalls

Snowpack in Utah has pushed the majority of the state to 200% – 400% above the multidecadal norm, and in southwest Utah, the spring melt is now cascading into the Santa Clara River and causing rare waterfalls across the likes of Gunlock State Park.

The above video was from mid-March, but more than month later the water is still falling:

Park officials say the waterfalls could flow for months longer, such has been the epic volume of this season’s snow.

This is only the fourth time in the past 15 years that the Gunlock falls have been reanimated, previously flowing in 2008, 2019 and 2020 — they are an increasing phenomenon.

As of April 15, Utah has seen at least nine of its ski resorts bust all-time benchmarks.

These being, Eagle Point: 367 inches; Cherry Peak: 459 inches; Deer Valley: 598 inches; Snowbasin: 602 inches; Park City: 618 inches; Solitude Mountain Resort: 783 inches; Snowbird: 809 inches; Brighton: 850 inches; Alta: 879 inches.

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Alta broke their all-time snowfall record (of 748 inches) back on March 25, 2023 [Alta Ski Area, FB].

The snow is still coming down, meaning these records are being extended even as the second half of spring approaches.

Of course, the unprecedented snowpack isn’t just confined to Utah. California has seen at least ten ski resorts break all-time records this year–again to mid-April.

These being, China Peak: 549 inches (701 inches at summit); Heavenly: 566 inches; Bear Valley Resort: 672 inches; Kirkwood: 705 inches; Mammoth Mountain: 705 inches (885 inches at the summit); Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort: 731 inches; Boreal: 735 inches; Palisades Tahoe; 710 inches; and Sugar Bowl is suspected to have eclipsed its record of 779 inches, surpassing 800.

While elsewhere, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming is another to have set an all-time record, with 595 inches.

And still, with the month of May just days off, additional rounds of heavy, accumulating snow are on the cards, even as far south as northern New Mexico and Texas:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 20 – May 6 [].

As are late-season, record-setting polar outbreaks, driven anomalously-far south by a ‘meridional’ jet stream flow:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 19 – May 4 [].

For more on the mechanics click below:

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