Temperature Crash For Europe; + Climate Models Wrong On East Pacific: “We Don’t Know Why This Cooling Is Happening”

Temperature Crash For Europe

Latest GFS runs are calling for a polar outbreak to sweep Europe this month.

Northern, central and eastern countries will see temperatures crash this weekend, starting around Oct 8.

The cold extends well east, too, as far as central Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and even Pakistan. This hints at another cold season to come for these nations after what proved a deadly, record-breaking winter last time around:

October has started mild for western Europe — the remnants of summer’s ‘global boiling’ is still rife here.

However, in a classic ‘swing between extremes‘ the west can expect a fierce mass of descending Arctic ‘blue’ starting around October 14, while simultaneously the east is due to flip ‘red’ (note also the cold descends well into North Africa):

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 15 – Oct 20 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Continuing the theme of spring/summer of 2023 –and against all MSM reportings– the European Alps are due another absolute pounding of out-of-season snow (see below).

Note, Scandinavia and Iceland are also forecast an early-season burial, as are the Balkans to the south.

Snow is even possible for Scotland and perhaps even northern England by next weekend.

GFS Total Snow (cm) Oct 5 – Oct 21 [tropicaltidbits.com]..

The COLD TIMES are returning.

Despite legacy media caterwaulings of “endless heat”, the winter of 2023-24 is all-but upon us and early indications point to it being truly brutal:

Climate Models Wrong On East Pacific: “We Don’t Know Why This Cooling Is Happening”

German agriculture website, agrarheute.com, asks why the climate models have gotten it so wrong with regards to the Eastern Pacific: “[The ocean] has been cooling down more and more over the past 30 years … contrary to all predictions“.

Oceanic cycles have significant consequences for global agriculture.

The ‘model defying’ cooling across the Eastern Pacific is having knock-on effects for farmers around the world.

Unfortunately though, the dots remain poorly connected, our understanding severely hindered by a guided lack of curiosity via a chronic lack of funding: Who wants to investigate cooling?

It is left to agricultural websites such as agrarheute.com to pose the question, rather than narrative-peddling scientific journals such as Nature. “Why does this part of the eastern Pacific contradict climate models?” asks Agrarheute. “[Scientists] can’t find a simple explanation.”

The cooling, which encompasses a large area of ocean west of Ecuador, “could reduce warming by 30%,” asserts the report.

“The steady cooling also has global implications. The future of this cooling region could determine, among other things, whether California is hit by a permanent drought or Australia faces increasingly severe wildfires.

“It affects the intensity of the monsoon season in India and the likelihood of droughts and famines in the Horn of Africa. It could even change the scale of climate change worldwide by altering the sensitivity of Earth’s atmosphere to rising greenhouse gas emissions.”

The unknowns are vast and very limiting. As Pedro DiNezio, of the University of Colorado at Boulder, points out: “The problem is that if we don’t know why this cooling is happening, we don’t know when it will stop or if it will suddenly turn into warming.”

Relying on inaccurate/incomplete climate models threatens to lead farmers down the wrong path. And if farmers fail, we all fail.


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