UK Breaks Late-April Low; Western U.S. Has Never Been Snowier; Polar Cold On Course For Australia; + “Glancing” CME Impact Due Today

UK Breaks Late-April Low

Silence has befallen Britain’s paint-tossing climate alarmist-types this week as record cold sweeps the country.

This morning, -7.4C (18.7F) was the UK’s official low temperature, set at Loch Glascarnoch, Scotland. This breaks the nation’s coldest-ever low for the date, previously held by Glenlivet’s -6.1C (21F) set in 1956.

Mainland Europe is also enduring a late-season freeze, bringing heavy show to the higher elevations–most notably the Alps.

While looking ahead, a larger mass of polar cold is currently threatening to descend into the continent commencing May 2. However, the GFS has been all over the place re. Europe of late with runs just six hours apart offering wildly different outlooks: The upshot of spring variability compounded by a low solar activity-induced meridional jet stream flow (more on that below).

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 2 – May 6 [].

Western U.S. Has Never Been Snowier

The Western U.S. endured a historic winter; from record cold stretches to unprecedented snow totals, this has been a cold season to remember–and one that flies in the face of AGW Party prophesies.

Starting with the chill –and according to ‘warm-mongering’ NOAA data– the U.S. has set 7 ‘all-time’ low temperature records so far this year (to April 24) vs just the 1 for heat; while in April alone (again to the 24), 321 ‘monthly’ lows have fallen vs 66 for heat.

Moving onto the snow –and in official books dating back to 2001– prior to this year, the highest-ever area of Western U.S. land covered by snow/ice at the onset of April was the 398,000 square miles posted back in 2019. This year, however, has blown past that benchmark, with satellite imagery revealing more than 444,000 square miles of the West was under snow/ice as of April 1.

For reference, the average snowpack in the Western U.S. by the end of March stands at 242,000 square miles.

Confirming the record is Wyoming state meteorologist Don Day: “The snow-covered area for the Western states was 184% of average for the end of March, the highest since the satellite record began in 2001”.

As per NSIDC data, this season’s snowpack in all Western states far exceeded the April 1 average. Looking at the below chart, South Dakota, Nebraska and Arizona tied the top spot with 350% of the average remaining, closely followed by Nevada:

All Western U.S. states have endured above-average snowpacks; all have been record-breaking, in fact.
This satellite map shows the southerly extent of the this winter’s snow/ice cover.

“You can have really snowy years, but by the end of March, you’ve lost a lot of the snow,” said Day. “But not this year, since it’s been such a cold winter and spring over most of the northern and western United States.”

Fences on the Sun family ranch west of Casper — like many across Wyoming — have been hammered by huge snowdrifts this winter.

A dramatic resurrection has taken place at Tulare Lake in California’s Central Valley.

Satellite imagery provided by the Earth imaging company Planet Labs show the transition from a dry basin to a wide and deep lake running about ten miles from bank to bank on arable land:

Satellite imagery shows a large swath of farmland before and after water flooded the Tulare Basin.

The Sierra Nevada’s record snowpack will send further torrents of water into the basin as the melt season gets underway.

Despite the AGW Party prophesying endless drought for this region of the world, they’re now also claiming that the flooding is also due to human prosperity (i.e. CO2 emissions). Selling crises is a lucrative business, attracting both wealth and power.

Until the late-1800s, Tulare Lake was the largest body of freshwater west of the Mississippi River. For agricultural irrigation and municipal water uses its tributary rivers were diverted. Now, as the lake revives, establishment worries have inexplicably flipped on a dime from “man-made mega-drought” to “man-made deluges” — both caused by the same mythical beast: carbon dioxide.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has been out on the beat this week: “We’re working with our federal and local counterparts to provide on-the-ground assistance and the support locals need,” Newsom said, which he quickly followed with the mandatory, totalitarian-backer-appeasing, “This weather whiplash is what the climate crisis looks like.”

Karla Nemeth, director of the California Department of Water Resources, immediately dismantles Newsom’s politicized claptrap, pointing out that the last time the basin saw similarly major flooding was during the mid-1980s (so around solar minimum of cycle 21). Then, it took about two years for the water to evaporate/get pumped out.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom surveys Tulare Lake flooding on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, in Corcoran, Calif.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom surveys Tulare Lake flooding on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, in Corcoran, Calif.

According to establishment-funded science, ‘climate change’ is intensifying California’s atmospheric river storms and is also responsible for the state’s two decades of drought. Mainstream climate science is the biggest joke going, only no one’s laughing.

On one side you have purblind educators scaring young children with ‘end of the world’ fantasies, while on the other side, my side, you have endless frustration as you watch a powerful elite strip humanity of its hard, multi-century-earned prosperity (access to cheap and reliable energy) with hogwash and fatally flawed logic.

The U.S. has never been snowier — fact.

Global temperatures have been falling since 2016, according to the satellites — fact.

What the alarmists call ‘catastrophic climate change’ is in reality a low solar activity-induced ‘wavy’ jet stream flow.

Low solar activity impacts Earth’s climate via a number of different mechanisms. The most notable of which is the reduction of energy entering the jet streams which reverts the jets’ standard straight ZONAL flow to a weak and wavy MERIDIONAL one:

In times of meridional flow, a region’s weather is determined by which ‘side’ of the stream it’s on. If it is located ‘above’ the stream (in the NH) then it’s in for a spell of unseasonably cold conditions–open to influxes of Arctic air; while conversely, if the locale is ‘under’ the jet stream then it is set for anomalously hot conditions–subject to air masses dragged up from the tropics.

A wavy jet stream flow also increases the prevalence of swings between extremes; that is to say, intense bursts of heat will linger in one area, while a teeth-chattering chill will dominate nearby — these areas will often then flip on a dime.

This is your ‘climate change’, alarmists — a wavy jet stream caused by historically low solar activity.

A violently-buckling flow is on show this week.

Looking at the latest GFS run (shown below), Arctic air is forecast to descend into the Eastern and Central U.S. on May 1, while to the West anomalous-warmth will ascend from the tropics. This is a meridional flow in action. The “weather whiplash” the likes of Gov. Newsom speak of is entirely natural, explainable and DOES NOT require the suicidal, anti-human policies pushed by said political/activist stooges.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 1 [].

Polar Cold On Course For Australia

Despite the BoM’s proven temperature book-cooking antics, Australia has still been shown to be cooling in recent years.

Additional Antarctic fronts are on course to grip the majority of the continent this weekend.

Here’s a look at temperature anomalies for Saturday:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 29 [].

And here’s Sunday:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 30 [].

“Glancing” CME Impact Due Today

NOAA say a G1-class geomagnetic storm is possible today, April 27 as a minor CME hits Earth’s magnetic field.

The ejection was hurled into space on April 24 by an explosion in the Sun’s southern hemisphere:

Most of the CME will sail south of Earth, but its northern flank will likely touch our planet.

The impact poses little to no risk of disruptive storms –unlike Sunday’s surprise G4 event (see link below)– and should prove a nothingburger. Still, given Earth’s ever-waning magnetic field strength, where even minor solar discharges are wreaking havoc on our defensive shield, who knows…

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