UK Meteorologists “Baffled” As Scotland “Returns To Winter”; Alta Surpasses 900 Inches (23 Meters); + More

UK Meteorologists “Baffled” As Scotland “Returns To Winter

Monday will see the onset of May, yet winter-like lows and heavy snows are besetting the Northern UK, particularly Scotland, leaving mainstream meteorologists frantically flicking through their AGW Party handbook for answers.

“Weather not climate” is a copout: The anthropogenic global warming theory called for “no more snow”, yet here we are in late-April with the UK Met Office, king of the warm-mongers, admitting, “It feels like the return of winter. It’s hard to believe four months ago it was Christmas and now we’re seeing festive scenes on the hills and mountains.”

The Met Office says temperatures in urban areas should hold above freezing–barely–but that any rural spots away from the coast could see readings as low as -8C (17.6C) or colder; temperatures that will rival/best the lowest readings ever logged in the UK for the time of year.

For reference, the all-time lows for April 27 and 28 currently stand as -6.1C (21F) and -7.8C (18F), respectively, set at Glenlivet in 1956.

These unseasonable and record-breaking lows will plague the UK until at least the May Bank Holiday weekend, state official forecasts, as brutal air from the Arctic rides anomalously-far south on the back of a low solar activity-induced ‘meridional’ jet stream flow — and more than a month after British Summer Time began, no less.

“We are going to see very low overnight temperatures for much of the week, with morning frosts just about everywhere,” said Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill. “There will also be snow and almost anywhere in Scotland could see some.”

Gardeners are also being advised that new plants will not survive the impending drop in temperatures.

“Garden centers and supermarkets are offering a wide range of outdoor plants right now,” said George Anderson of the Beechgrove Garden, “But my advice to anyone thinking of planting them now is ‘Don’t’. If you buy shrubs or plants from a garden center just now and place them outside, you will just have to go back next month and buy more……because they will be killed.”

The crop-wrecking freeze isn’t just confined to the UK, of course, the majority of mainland Europe is also being infected by those descending ‘blues’ and ‘purples’. And looking further ahead, yet another polar outbreak is set to hit, commencing May 2…

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 2 – May 6 [].

…cold that will also deliver close to a meter of fresh snowfall over the Alps and pockets of Scandinavia:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) April 25 – May 11 [].

Alta Surpasses 900 Inches (23 Meters)

Despite Mother Nature continuing to deliver mind-blowing snow totals, many U.S. ski resorts are having to close heir slopes. This is because staff members are largely seasonal workers and so need to be released to work their summer jobs.

With another 7 inches reported at the ski area Tuesday morning, Alta hit 903 inches –or 23 meters– of snow for the season, which shatters the resort’s previous record of 748 inches set in 1981-82.

Unprecedented snow has brought with it unprecedented challenges, so says Alta Ski Area marketing director Brandon Ott: “There were no big, high-pressure periods. It just snowed and snowed and snowed.”

Ott continued: “In 2022, we threw around that word unprecedented quite frequently and it’s fair to say that this winter has absolutely been unprecedented. We’re no stranger to snow. Yet, we have had to shovel rooftops and buildings two, three, four times. That’s unheard of.”

Many Utah resorts received historic totals this season.

In Solitude Mountain Resort, in nearby Big Cottonwood Canyon, 800 inches was surpassed for the very first time on Tuesday morning with an additional foot of snow settling in just 24hrs. Travis Holland, spokesman at Solitude Resort, said the record snow means the resort is staying open longer than ever before, until May 21, meaning it will have been operational for 193 days.

Elsewhere, Snowbasin Resort in Weber County recently surpassed 600 inches for the first time ever, besting its previous record of 475 inches set, as with Alta, during the 1981-82 season: “What an incredible season,” Snowbasin resort officials wrote in a season recap on Monday. “We had an awesome time soaring past some long-standing records, riding countless powder days and still managing to squeeze in a few days of spring skiing during our final weeks of operation.”


Apologies, but I’m going to leave it there for today. I have a lot going on on the land — putting posts in, fencing up, and then moving the herd of goats into their new, larger enclosure.

My corn in the field is finally starting to germinate. I got the timing right with the temperatures but hit a long period without rain — April has been incredibly dry here on the Iberian Peninsula. Likewise, the sorghum is also beginning to sprout. I’m feeling better about all that.

I’ll be back with a new article tomorrow.

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