German Mountains See 4-Inches Of Summer Snow; Cold Julys From Fiji To The UK + MSM Continues Its AGW Thaw…

German Mountains See 4-Inches Of Summer Snow

Snow has been pounding Europe’s peaks for weeks now–not that you’d know if all you digest is MSM fairytellings.

This week, German resort Zugspitze says that it’s received some 4 inches of rare summer snow at its summit area.

“Surprisingly,” reports, “the resort’s webcams show that the snow is sticking around”:

Webcam screen capture obtained August 8th
Snow lingering through Wednesday [Zugspitze Webcams]

Zugspitze can expect a little more snow later this week as temperatures continue to hold anomalously low.

It may be early-August but “Old Man Winter is starting to think about clocking back into work,” concludes

Europe’s mountains have been receiving unseasonal snow for weeks now, from the peaks of France and Slovenia to Italy’s Dolomites.

Spain, too, has been observing wintry scenes in mid-summer with snow settling over the Pyrenees — a rare feat, and one that has also proved very unfortunate timing for a new establishment-funded study which claims that Spain’s largest glacier Aneto will be completely melted by 2033.

A group of biologists and geographers recently climbed Aneto to investigate the observed losses. Refusing to acknowledge that Earth’s climate runs on equilibrium-seeking cycles, the researchers blindly extrapolated-out the rate of loss observed in recent years and in turn determined that the glacier has entered “terminal decline” and will be completely vanished no later than 2033.

“In recent years, the glacier has been losing a meter and a half of thickness per year,” said Nacho López-Moreno, a researcher at the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE). “Taking into account that on average there is a median thickness of about 11 meters, in around 10 years Aneto will no longer be a glacier. But if we also see more summers like the one in 2022, it won’t hold out that long.”

This summer, however, and despite the headlines, is proving the polar opposite of 2022 across the majority of Europe. And after a slow start to the winter gone, European mountains picked up the snowy pace in spring with heavy, deficit defeating dumpings noted well into May. And even now, at the height of summer, snow is continuing to settle across the continent’s highest peaks.

Climate is cyclic, never linear; ever evolving, never static — it is permitted to change without the need for EOTW caterwaulings.

Cold Julys From Fiji To The UK

Likely finalizing Julys temperature data, readings for Fiji and the UK are in.

Starting in Fiji, a colder-than-average July 2023 was felt, one a nudge (0.04C) below the multidecadal average.

Also worth noting, on July 27 the Nausori Airport, Suva posted a daily high of just 21C (69.8F) which was later confirmed by the Fiji Met. Service to be the region’s lowest temperature ever recorded.

Additionally, with the onset of August has come an intensification of Fiji’s cold. As reported Tuesday, Pacific islands have registered a stark thermometer drop of late, with likes of Tonga, Somoa and Fiji all posting exceptional, record-challenging lows.

Switching attention back to Europe, July 2023 in the United Kingdom closed at 14.9C (58.8F) which, according to the warm-mongering Met Office, is 0.3C below the norm (the CET also noted a below-average month — see here).

And quelle-surprise, in line with the drop in temperature came a 19% decline in sunshine hours.

Inconvenient correlation: UK temps vs sunshine hours.

MSM Continues Its AGW Thaw…

Ever-so-steadily, the legacy media, and even the IPCC itself, are offering alternative explanations to anthropogenic global warming. It’s a curious sight. And one I’m sure the paint-tossing eco-warriors among us will be rather perplexed by. I won’t be surprised if those loons soon turn on the likes of the IPCC itself soon, and accuse Big Oil of infecting the organization.

Take this latest MSM stance which, basically, states that the warming has been so stark this year that scientists are now wondering if something “beyond global warming is at work”.

To maintain the fear, temperature charts need to continue rising. This is a given. However, a rise above and beyond the establishment’s air-plucked 1.5C threshold was supposed to spell “climate catastrophe” and needed to be “avoided at all costs”.

But not anymore, it seems. The IPCC are backpedaling, likely looking to save face when their temperature charts inevitably, and more importantly, uneventfully, exceed their doomsday tipping point ‘scenario’.

“The world won’t end if it warms by more than 1.5 degrees,” said newly anointed head of the IPCC, Jim Skea. I would cause many problems and social tensions,” he continued, “[but it] would not constitute an existential threat to humanity.”


So, what is it that’s causing the planet to heat then, as is claimed? What mechanisms are leading Antarctic sea ice, for example, to take such a plunge south this season?

Well, according to the MSM’s ‘experts’, these forcings, though still overarchingly governed by cow farts, range from El Niño, to a recent reduction in sunlight-reflecting particles from shipping, to an undersea volcanic eruption–(bingo!).

Copernicus director Carlo Buontempo agrees, saying that the perceived warming “is more than El Niño on top of climate change,” suggesting that the cleaner air from new maritime shipping rules may be another contributing factor.

International regulations, which took effect in 2020, slashed emissions of sunlight-reflecting particles from oceangoing vessels by up to 80%. This reduction in atmospheric pollutants, ‘experts say’, could be removing a source of cooling that has partially masked the climate impacts of greenhouse gases.

Moreover, and what was exclusively confined to private climate discussions previously untouched by the media, is “whether 165 million tons of water vapour ejected by Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai undersea volcano in the South Pacific in January may be trapping additional heat,” writes Rob Waugh for Yahoo News UK — the first time I’ve seen a mainstream outlet propose such a thing.

July 2023 did indeed see an anomalous temperature spike, as recorded by the satellites, I’m not arguing that. But what I am saying is that there are natural/unalarming explanations for the rise. The MSM are even alluding to them: El Niño, cleaner shipping air, and Hunga-Tonga’s record-high mesospheric eruption — ipso facto, you don’t need AGW.

It’s an evident change in tone from the media, and I’m curious to know what’s behind it.

My contention: Fabricated/exaggerated IPCC temperature charts are about to show a rip above and beyond 1.5C (due to the temporary effects of natural forcings). They MUST show increasing temperatures, always. The IPCC would cease to exist without them. But when NOTHING inevitably happens, i.e. when the world keeps-on spinning and folk aren’t seen spontaneously combusting on the streets, the agency has now saved a little face: “Well, we said it wouldn’t constitute an existential threat to humanity“.

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