They’re Coming For Me (Again)

The same mechanisms that led to me losing adverts on my previous sites are in motion once again.

While not as overt as my original demonetization, when the Center for Countering Digital Hate boasted on X that they “successfully demonetized Electroverse’s advertising program … [and] have delivered a huge blow to their climate change denial machine”, still, very similar writings are appearing on the wall.

Yesterday I received an email from Zachary Fishman (@ZBFishman), a free speech fearing useful idiot working at NewsGuard, a misinformation watchdog that purports to “catalog and track all of the top false narratives spreading online”.

Note: The term ‘misinformation’ wasn’t part of people’s lexicon before 2020. As per a Google Trends search, ‘misinformation’ was crow-barred into public consciousness, appearing out of relative obscurity, in January 2020 — so just in the time for COVID:

Since then, that term has used as a shield behind which big corporations via their legacy media lapdogs are able to guard their decision making from proper scrutiny and interrogation, to ‘news guard’ themselves.

From COVID vaccine concerns, to the origins of the Ukraine war, from worries over transgender genital mutilation in children to the fact that higher levels of CO2 are beneficial to life on Earth, if the information is deemed inconvenient to The Narrative then it is branded ‘misinformation’ by the establishment’s ‘internet policing squads’ which then gives corporate media outlets all the ammunition they need to take said claims out at the knees, via censorship by Facebook or demonetization by Google.

But as we know, a great many of the assertions made by us honest enquirers ultimately turn out to be true. We aren’t burdened by agenda, and there is great power and worth in simply being able to say what we see — though we need free speech to do it.

NewsGuard is attempting to silence Electroverse by stripping it of its advertising revenue (again).

All I can assume is that I’m still shooting over the target.

In the yesterday’s shit-stirring email, Zack Fishman’s disdain for my truth-seeking endeavors is palpable (how dare I?):

My response:

As alluded to above, these are the same mechanisms that were set in motion the last time I lost ads, on (it was the Center for Countering Digital Hate that brazenly demonetized my original site,

–To get to the point already, what I’m asking for is you help…

I am so thankful to my very generous 458 patrons, and to all those who donate via PayPal. Without your financial support Electroverse would have hit the brick wall many moons ago. But I have a young family to support (due to be increased by another 1 this month!) and if I lose advertising, and fail to recoup the lost income through the likes of Patreon and PayPal, then some of my time will have to be diverted elsewhere in order support my family and our homesteading efforts here in Central Portugal.

One small venture I have been able to fit in is “Forever Little Pirate” — a children’s picture book that I wrote eight years ago now about my eldest son starting school (my son is now homeschooled, by the way, this was before myself and my wife were awake).

I published the book last week, on the suggestion of my wife, and your support in trying to work it up the Amazon rankings would be greatly appreciated. The book can be purchased via the link below (a good review would also help muchly).

Your continued support is what keeps me going.

Genuinely, thank you.

Enjoy your weekend,

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